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Well, it does appear we finally got an update about production again. Now to see where this goes. 

I got my package the other day. All my books had some crumpling, but Jason Lutes proved a few things with this project. 

#1 He makes interesting and beautiful adventures and resources
#2 Lampblack projects break the mold of terminally late kickstarters. (same with Servants)
#3 Jason's customer service is top notch on both of these projects.

I'm pretty sure +Jason Lutes could pull a Jamie Stegmaier (Stonemaier Games) and put on master classes in KS. 

Since it seems like the thing to do, here's my short rundown of some of my fellow #threeforged  games. I haven't gone into a lot of detail with these games nor am I the most RPG literate, but here are some notes about several games I've read so far. 

Under the Broken Moons (1588) – Very setting heavy, interesting simple char-gen (RPG-lite, some Cypher system, and Dungeon World tagging ). This has a very detailed setting description from the world down to the characters. It reminds me a lot of the new Horizon Zero Dawn game coming out soon enough. Despite the char-gen feeling strong and the setting being evocative, the action/resolution system is very skimpy. Sure, it's playable, but it could be a tad beefier. 

Automaton (1539) – This is a game of murder mysteries and automatons of various aptitude. The mechanics largely centers around a procedural state shifting of Apocalypse World-style actions with a flow chart. Despite being thematically linked and interesting, I do fear this could become more wooden than the various characters are by their own nature. I'd definitely like to get this one to the table. 

Through the woods (15126) – This is a game of little lost kids versus the big bad spooky forest. The game is card driven with a paper-rock-scissors resolution mechanism where the children must survive a series of challenges in a phase to move to the next area. The mechanics seem intuitive enough and I can imagine this being an interesting ride with the right players. The game definitely leaves room for different amounts of whimsy. The players could run A Company of Wolves or Labyrinth. It all depends on how dark and grim their magical realm is. I originally created a card-based game for Stage 1. This is how I wish mine had turned out in many regards. 

I haven't delved enough into it to tell how easily I'm going to be able to finish my #ThreeForged  Stage 3, but I will say there's very little chance that I would actually be able to play the game as it is now. That's not to say that it's not somewhat playable, but there's a little bit of an entry barrier. 

It's a late night working on my #threeforged Stage 2 submission. Before tonight, I felt that I was going to have a hard time making my submission strong for this level. Tonight, however, I feel more confident in what I'm adding than I did with my starter piece.  I'm hoping that my Stage 2 collaborator was able to find the diamond in my hasty Stage 1 draft like I think I have tonight. 

Checking in from KY. Just got my book today. There was a little crunching on a corner in the shipping somewhere (I think my mailman hates me) , so I've got some weighted flattening I'm trying to do. Otherwise, this book looks BEAUTIFUL. I'm pretty sure it's taken Grim World's throne as prettiest looking Apocalypse Powered book and that's saying a lot in my book. Great job and I can't wait to really dip into the book. 

My old gaming group just got done hosting its annual Grizzly Con out in the Appalachian woods and here's the results of my demo:

Our beloved citizens inhabit the humble Dungheap, a town of dungbeetle-riding kobolds that survive on a diet of mushrooms. They are neighbored by a slave-monger dragon, a nation of pretentious elves who find kobolds to be fine dinings, a necromancer that just wants more soldiers, and sparkly vampires that use kobolds as walking  juice boxes. The kobolds gather dragons poo to feed their beetles and buiild up the town, cultivate mushrooms collected  from the elvish forests, drink sparkly booze (probably fermented kobold blood), and take back the weapons from the necro the necros don't have weapons to hit so hard with. 

We did a few short adventures just to showcase the system's teamwork, generations, and failure mechanics.

The first adventure was to collect dragon crap from the dragon's mountains. Our beloved crew almost tripped an entire want clock spouting lore about which path to take (poo rolls downhill right??....right?). They encountered a horde of enslaved orcs that were dropping off the day's worth of dragon crap into ye olde latrine pit. The orc overseer was extra grumpy seeing as how he just got promoted up from crap dumping duty to overseer. Our gang decided to simply have one guy rush in and try to lead the orcs away. Little did he realize that a tall, lanky kobold still has short little legs compared to an orc. He was overcome quickly, but not before his brethren ran in and shamelessly used the distraction to make off with bags of sweet sweet dragon poo to feed the young dungbeetles. 

Our second short encounter had our gang traipsing into the elven wooods where the quickly encountered a wagon caravan of elves and their mushroom haul. In any case, our beetle riders caught up to the wagon and spooked a horse into a frenzied gallop that resulted in an overturned wagon. Now our gang decided to try and overtake the elves that were riding it. The elves are an easily frightened bunch and one of them flailed, screamed, and kicked to an extent  that he inadvertently clotheslined his way through a unit of kobold youths (the Young Dungs). At some point, someone threw a rock and killed their own party member in an epic fail. After nearly clearing the party, an elf got away and alerted another wagon in the caravan. Our gang decided to attempt looting the wagon and were set upon by more elves. Apparently the elves knew how to use deadly knife hand jabs to remove the heart of those tasty kobolds. Several of our gang were killed in the melee, including one unlucky fellow who attempted to hide behind a comically small broad leaf. A few of our gang got away for their second success. 

After all was said and done, folks were jealous that they didn't jump in the game and it was an absolute hit. +Steve Wallace , I'm pretty sure I just sold at least 3 copies of your game and that's before the hype went around the cabin. 

On a long drive home today, it hit me that Blades in the Dark may be a great system to explore the onstage/offstage group dynamics of professional wrestling. In the day, you'd have several stables of wrestlers vying popularity and success not just in the ring, but also within the ranks backstage. Heat in wrestling exists as your narrative currency (popularity with the fans) and in real life beefs between performers (personal insults, breaking traditions, etc etc). In other words, the games I imagined were less about describing suplexes and chair shots and more about describing the journeys wrestlers go through from their first match to retirement. 

So my old friends friends from home and college just started up a DW campaign the other day. Here's the rundown:

Our Setting: The city of Eastwind (or was it Westwind...I dunno). Anyway, it's a huge walled city that's an oasis of civilization. Society is set up primarily to provide refuge from the rains. The water cycle in this area is polluted by a massive lake of 'liquid magic'. Raw untreated  water may simply magnify talents or have uncontrolled mutagenic effects. In other words; don't get caught out in the rain.  So this means that water treatment, roofing, and monster hunters are all important aspects of protecting society. The poor tend to have tons of mutation and are prey to mutants and city sweeps alike.

Our Party: Erlender - Captain of the City Guard (Grim World -Battlemaster), Kolgold - Director of A Local Homeless Shelter, Priest of a Rain Worshiping Religion (Grim World - Templar), Beltane & Liekki - Peter Pan/Tink analogue (played by a lady per stage tradition), older and disenfranchised protector of the poor (Inverse World - Lantern), and Verrence - Spoiled runaway son of an evil archmage (make up as we go Class Warfare)

Session 1 - The rains are coming so Beltane bargains with Kolgold to open up the orphanage for more occupants for a few nights. Verrence shows up in the streets and cuts up a bum for taking some bottle he was collecting. The ensuing fight nearly kills us all....The party gathers and we're put on the trail of missing rich kids by a shadowy information broker named the Rat King (the poor = Rats).

We go on a wild goose chase and our wonderful Templar gets his rocks off by interrogating everything he can. We're finally led to the docks near the river gates (poor are pushed to these dangerous spots). The rains come soon. A handful of mutated fish men attack and nearly kill the entire party after our bratty mage lights the dock we were standing on afire. Some fishmen get away in a hole in the main river gate. We managed to miss several clues here, but catch onto the fact that the gates aren't secure. Erlender orders his guards to research the area for weakness.

The rains approach and at Beltane's request, we hurriedly gather as many poor as possible into the homeless shelter. Beltane was also scared the fishmen would kill innocentss. What we don't realize is that in pushing everyone in, we've inadvertently ushered in a swath of cloaked fishmen in our last orphan load at dusk. So as we all lay down to bed, the fishmen rise up and cause utter chaos. One stabs a boy next to our bratty mage as he yells the mage's name (Verrence). Verrence once again lights everything on fire and we now have a homeless shelter full of angry, blade-wielding fishmen....and fire. We somehow extinguish the flames and Beltane uses her power to blind a room full of fishmen just as the city guard arrives to save the day. A fishman hostage situation is averted and Kolgold once again gets to engage his interrogation skills to find out information about exactly how many holes are present in the city river gate defenses. We also figure out that these fishmen are looking for our littlle friend Verrence, , and he was going to help us figure out the situation.

In any case, the next morning the party gathers along with Erlender's city guard to attempt to sweep the drainage access points at the river gates. We post the city guard at two and go in. Loosely put, we finally stomp through fishmen for once and Verrence finally uses magic powers to good effect. 

We get to the ends of the sewers and find a back room with a closed door. We try to open the door and our beloved tanky Battlemaster is webbed right in the face by some spider thing in a dark room. He then narrowly dodges a crossbow bolt and we breach the room successfully after freeing our friend. Therein we find a half-man/half-spider. I blind him after augmenting a flash of flame light. We then proceed to beat the crap out of him, but can't put the finishing touches on him. At just the right moment, I roll a true success and manage to deliver a knockout 'pixie punch'. 

Ugly ol' Spider-Guy wakes up bound and staring into the eyes of our beloved interrogation junkie, Kolgold. We find that Spider-Dude is really an old employee of Verrence's father who has recently mutated. He was sent to promise many riches and what not to the fish folk that invaded our town for help in the capture and return of our adolescent Verrence. Big Daddy Archmage also has more evil planned. We exited and basically had our city guard clean up the remaining fish mess since we routed them. 

As we were likely not to explore more (it was late and we hit the big bad early), our beloved GM pulled back the curtain. If we had taken another turn, we would have found a young fishman that turned out to be the missing rich kid we looked for. We also would have found the brooding room where people were changed into fish people after nursing on the fish-milk of the fish-matriarchs. It was assumed at this point that the city guard members found this out as they cleaned up. We'll see how we resolve this info next time with the Rat King.

And now I can't wait till our next adventure in Eastwind (err....or was it Westwind?).

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Does anyone else here read the Wild Cards books? It would be a great source for odd character ideas. Basically an alien war unleashed a chemical that powered folks. Some people got cool super powers (aces) while others were deformed if they even got a power at all (jokers). It's an anthology series put together by George R.R. Martin and friends who started out this setting as an RPG campaign. So far, I've loved the entries I've read.


My favorites so far are the Great Turtle and the Sleeper.  The Turtle is an omega-level telekinetic, but he's so agoraphobic that he fights crime while encased in an armored 'turtle-mobile' of sorts. The Sleeper is a guy who changes forms/powers every time he sleeps which usually resembles more of a hibernation/chrysalis. This means he might be a high flying, handsome Ace one day (think ) and five months later he might wake up with a body made of jell-o and no other powers. He even goes so far as to take drugs to postpone sleep when possible.  I've found the series pretty neat and fresh simply because several of the contributing aren't traditional writers of super heroes. 
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