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Scott Thomas
Geek, Engineer, Cyclist, Sailor, ScummVM dev
Geek, Engineer, Cyclist, Sailor, ScummVM dev


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Hey, remember that time when Enl and Res agents didn't post to intentionally annoy and aggravate the hell out of each other?  When the sides met, drank, had fun, and worked together to deal with no-faction cheats rather than blaming the opposition, wiping their hands, and then holding grudges for months and years?  Yes, this applies to people to both sides.

As the wise Sheogorath once said - "Grudges are like a good cheese.  Hold them in for too long and you're the one to suffer"

Feels so long ago :(
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Added photos to XM Anomaly Satellite: Adelaide, AU.
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with all my love on valentine day…

Isahaya city Nagasaki Japan
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It's Anomaly time!
Mark it in your calendars, get involved, the Resistance need YOU.

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Cycling goal for the year complete - thanks +Strava !  Didn't start off particularly planned but one month turned into another and before I knew it, the target was set.
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Poor form +Telstra - you never even sold the Nexus 4 and yet within 30 seconds of reboot with an +Optus SIM I get offered 5.0.  Rather coincidental.
Yes, Telstra is blocking your Nexus updates: Since Google started rolling out the over-the-air (OTA) updates for Android 5.0 Lollipop to Nexus devices, many users have been regularly checking for a system update – many Australians, to no avail. Telstra users are reporting… #Carriers #News #ausdroid
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Great way to end what was pretty tiring day.

+Ingress  #IngressActualGameplayFootage  
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Yes please - upgrade my own DS and can send the old one to my parents :D
Upgrade Your Storage- Win a DS415+!

Simply share the image below and enter to win. Winner will be randomly chosen from those who share, good luck!

-Open worldwide
-Contest ends 10/6/14

Learn more about the DS415+:
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Category: Native Apps
Name of Product: Weather for Earth
Localisation: South Australia
Version: Current release
Classification: Impaired Functionality
Reproducibility: Sometimes
Title: Weather forgets intended state, reverts to previous settings
Additional details:
While the recent release highlighted a new round of settings presets for the coming months, it appears there is some stability issues and problems with remembering settings upon close. While I appear to be getting a full day out of the SPRG preset, the app does not keep this as my preference and insists on reverting back to the prior WNTR settings.  This state usually persists for several days before the updated preset takes hold.  I've heard other people commenting about this issue but yet to find an existing bug report.  

Please fix as it is heavily impacting my enjoyment of Weather during the current month.
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This is #Ingress, to me, in a nutshell. The whole reason why I've continued to play a game since I started back in November of 2012, when I usually don't last more than 6 month on any multi-or-single-player enterprise.

Today, while I was sitting at my desk, I actually looked at my phone. I don't do notification sounds anymore -- it would kill my phone, really. But I do check on occasion. And today, about an hour before I got off work, someone who shall go nameless because they're not germane to this conversation, and not remotely the nemesis I curse when I look at the sky in torment when one of my beloved resonators go down...


Sorry... back on track here. Anyhow, this couldn't stand, of course! I can't reach the portals near my work from my desk, so I had to wait, and watch them go so far as to field over my work and everything.

Clock out couldn't come quick enough. Sure enough, soon I was out there, moving toward the first of the four portals clustered outside my office at the bar across the street.

I made quick work out of them, for sure. They were linked and shielded, but no toad portal can stand against my might! Once the first was down (they're in a partial line), I moved for proper 40m deployment on it... and in the few seconds it took me to move, I saw it bust out in green again.

This is where it gets fun, and where it echos a number of positive experiences I've had in the field. I look up, turn around, and see a fellow, across the street, at the bar in question, with his phone out. We shared the nod we all know, that recognition, he waved. I smiled and waved back, and made my way across the street.

"That's why I love this game!" He exclaimed to the Tadpole he'd been training earlier in the day. Next thing I know, I'm sitting down with two toads at a bar, whom I have never met before, and because of our shared love of the game, it's like catching up to an old friend.

When the competition falls away, when the app is turned off, and 'enemies' can laugh and have fun over a pint? That's when you know you've got a great community. That's when you know you're not just part of a game... you're a part of a phenomenon.

So have fun with the story, with the immersion, with the bang bang and pew pew... but also remember the humanity of everyone involved. My day at work had been hell today, and just meeting a new 'frenemy' made it a thousand times brighter.

So thank you, Firehazzard, for a quick 5 minutes that made my day so much brighter. And thank you, +John Hanke and the entire Niantic crew, for creating this "game" that made that possible.

+Ingress +Bill Kilday +Joe Philley +Brian Rose +Anne Beuttenmüller +Ethan Lepouttre +Linda Besh 
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