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2013-10-07 WOD
WARM std warmup 800m run medball clean drills push jerk drills MAIN A. 8min EMOM push jerk 75# B. 3 rounds for time: { 5 wall walks 10 medball cleans 20# 15 should to overhead (push jerk) 75# } time: 8:39 I added C. 2x5 strict pullups

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2013-10-05 WOD
Whew, tough one today. Close to a PR for a benchmark in the middle of a bigger workout, so pretty pleased. WARM 10 wallball 14# CJ practice MAIN: A. For time: { 1 mile run 30 CJ @ 155/105 (I scaled to 135#, which makes this 'Grace' on it's own) 60 wallball ...

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year-end goals check
I set out some goals for end of year, and that's 3 months away. How's progress going? Areas for improvement, and goals for 2013: 1. Participate in at least 1 event (CF event, or Tough
Mudder, or some such thing) - DONE. I did Tough Mudder and Survive the Bu...

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2013-10-04 WOD
Tough workout today, but got through it and got 2 PRs on top of that. WARM std warmup 10 KBS 10 T2B 10 C2B Pullups MAIN A. Get as far into this chipper as possible in 4 min. Then rest 4 min. Then START AGAIN AT THE TOP, and get as far in as you can in 6 min...
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