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Cape Cod
Sorry, I haven't had any idea for writing, because I didn't do any special last week. There was memorial's day on Monday, so we left to Cape Cod on Saturday and came back on Monday. Cape Cod is very beautiful place by the Atlantic ocean. There is very long ...

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Boston city
Yesterday we visited in Boston center. It was so beautiful city! There were a lot of old buildings and skyscraper. We saw the old city hall and also the new city hall. The old city hall was much smaller than new and it was so small next to skyscrapers. I lo...

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Yesterday I was in Boston bruins vs. Montreal game 7. It was amazing night! I have always dreamed that I could get to  NHL game and now it is true. :) There were a lot of  Bruins fans and the game was so exiting. Atmosphere was crazy and the fans were shout...

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Mother's day
This mother's day was a little bit different than our normal mother's day in Finland with my family. In Finland we eat a breakfast together in morning and then we go to visit our grandmother. And there we went to Arlington park. We enjoyed and played baseba...
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