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Has anyone tried anything in a fourth wall breaking playbook? I would normally consider it ban-worthy if a player actively meta-gamed at my table, but there could be some room there for a Deadpool (without the X-card worthy moments) inspired character. Not sure if you'd want them knowing they're in a comic book or knowing they're in an RPG.

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Is there a playbook designed around the "Future Me Scares Me" trope? I've been tossing around in my head basing a character off a future or alternate reality version of another player's character. It kind of feels like this could work with any playbook that shows a clear contrast with the 'true' version of the character, but was curious if anyone has come up with something to specifically capture that idea.

I'm trying something different with ghost operators for my current game. It's a small group of just 3 operators, and we're playing with the Insider. Rather than killing off the unused character types, we're trying out having the corporate operatives be former members of the Headspace cell who were forced out, but there is some residual connection. The PCs often find out about new corporate projects because the rival operatives borrow their skills to enact them, letting some bleed of their thoughts to come through. If the PC operatives use a ghost skill, the rival gets to sneak a peak at what they're doing.

I could see this scaling out of control, but the full campaign is expected to only last about 6 episodes or so, and we're aiming toward the conclusion revolving around forcing a face-turn on one of the rivals.

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Hey everyone thinking of running Headspace online!

I've cobbled together a very basic online sheet set with some auto-fill tables to make keeping notes together a little easier. Graphic design on this is a little poor at the moment, but please feel free to make a copy and play around with it.

When you pick out a setting, just remember to update the picklist sheet with each of your corporate secrets. Character names should autofill on the picklist page as players fill in their names, letting you use drop downs for baggage associations.

Feedback appreciated!

Flipped through the Book of Rooms and I think it will help me feel much more comfortable the next time I run the game. Lots of good inspiration and just enough information to serve as jumping off spots for room description.

I found the last time I ran Bluebeard, I tended to be scant on details in describing rooms and couldn't think on my feet fast enough to fill them with all senses. Things started off well, but I got very worn down by the third room and it had a very sterile feel to it. This should help fix that.

Has anyone in the community read Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado yet? I got about two paragraphs through a review and ordered it as additional inspirational material.

How much prep is too much? I know the groundskeeper has got to make the horror personal, but knowing my own strengths and weaknesses as a GM, I can trip up on full improvisation a bit if I don't come in with some ideas.

Is it generally fine to have a collection of rooms and horrors thought out ahead of time, maybe a few servants, and jettison them if they really don't match up well with wedding prep? I've noticed some common threads in some of the actual plays out there, horrors or rooms that the groundskeeper falls back on but twists to fit the table, but I am just as concerned with coming across over-planned as I am with coming across like I have no idea what I'm doing.

Have really enjoyed my overview of the rules since I picked Blades up earlier this week. Has anyone considered the logistics of a multi-table long con for convention play?

I floated the idea past +James Stuart and he highlighted issues with unity of time, since operations tend to have different levels of complexity and a few lucky rolls can make a mission end really quickly. This isn't a problem for single table play, where you can fill the time with another low prep operation, but could cause headaches in multi-table play if one crew completes three missions in a 4-hour time slot and another completes one.

Any house rule ideas that could help mitigate this issue?

Can you build upgrade vaults past 16 coins? If not, how do you upgrade your crew past tier 1 or retire in style? Or can you spend coin from stash to upgrade your crew? Or if you do, do you only get half your stash?

Finally (yes, I know it came out 32 years ago) reading Handmaid's Tale ahead of the Hulu version, and feeling a lot of echoed themes. Was any inspiration taken from it?
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