On the subject of #voterid  and #voterfraud  :

I seem to have lost the thread I was commenting on, but I find it strange that those who are against state regulations requiring a photo ID to vote are arguing against it on the basis of COST ! These are some of the same people who were in favor of spending NEARLY A TRILLION DOLLARS on a wasteful and UTTERLY FAILED #stimulus  and who also wanted the state of #florida  to spend millions on endless #recount  s trying to give #algore  the #election  in 2000. They argued back then that " every vote should count ". Well, your LEGAL vote DOESN'T COUNT if it's cancelled out by an ILLEGAL fraudulent vote!

The money spent on ensuring the integrity of the vote is WELL SPENT . If they're so concerned, perhaps some of the unspent stimulus money could be allocated for that purpose. That's certainly a better use than subsidizing another failed #solyndra  !
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