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Hi everyone!  Social Media Profit Agency no longer posts on G+. Check out for all our social media links. 

Have questions about your social media marketing? Curious about Facebook Ads? Not sure how to use social media for your business? Please let me know via my website. I'm looking forward to talking to you.

All the best! Eric

Strong mentors and accountability in your life are a MUST if you want to build a flourishing business. If you have people close to you who tell you the truth even when it hurts and consistently ask hard questions, then your business will SOAR.

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Let's get physical. I mean visual. Let's connect on Pinterest:

Social Media = You may flop sometimes. You may make mistakes. All that is OK. What’s not OK is neglecting this powerful opportunity that’s right in front of you. -> Social media is your stage. Own it.

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Turning Clicks Into Conversions: 3 Tips to Recover Revenue

Inspiration is only useful if followed by action. What are you going to DO about it?

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WARNING: Your Embarrassing Hidden Facebook Photos Found CAN Be Found

“If you have something to say, then say it. If not, enjoy the silence while it lasts. The noise will return soon enough. In the meantime, you’re better off going out into the big, wide world, having some adventures and refilling your well. Trying to create when you don’t feel like it is like making conversation for the sake of making conversation.” Hugh Macleod

Your business is exactly like a train. It has to run on TWO tracks at the same time - creating and marketing. If you only focus on one of those, you’re going to get derailed. Each day, ask yourself: What am I creating? What am I marketing? LIKE if you know from experience that doing this pays off.
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