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RPG Circus Podcast, The Greatest Show in Gaming
RPG Circus Podcast, The Greatest Show in Gaming

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Saw this posted this morning on FB. I am impressed by all the work that had to go into to creating it. 

Just to let people know that our annual guess the Ennies episode will be recorded on Tuesday.

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Today we talk about Cyberpunk and Desert Adventures. 

I have no idea where the weekend went. On the plus side it means there is a recording session tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a safe and good weekend. I know for my part, I'm trying to get ready for the recording session on Monday as we have lots to talk about. 

We re-edited and re-release the audio from our last podcast. Hopefully, this resolves the issues some of you were having. 

We have discovered an issue with the latest episode. We may or may not be able to recover the audio. 

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As promised our latest episode where we talk about why we make games and creating adventures for a convention. 

I'm excited be recording tonight. 

We are once again delaying recording for a day.
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