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Hans-H. Franck
Webdesigner, Musician, Web-Anthropologist, Qigong Practioner
Webdesigner, Musician, Web-Anthropologist, Qigong Practioner

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Forget Google Glasses, the age of "Hearables" is coming!

"Die Antwort ist Ja. Wie war nochmal die Frage?"
Sir Richard Branson

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For the first time in history, more than 50% of the world's population is living in cities. This might be a cost-effective and even environmental-friendly way of creating new living space. 

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Stunning architecture in Singapore.

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3D Printing is good for creating toys but also for printing some living body parts directly into your knee. Thats future!
3D Printing is now enabling better and more effective treatments for patients who suffer from knee injuries. Dr. Darryl D’Lima and his colleagues at Scripps Clinic in Southern California are working to develop a bio-printing technology that will allow living cartilage to be printed directly into the knees of patients.

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Revolutionary new concept of an office chair. Responses to the sitting position while you are immersed in the work. Price tag: nearly 1.000 $ But there are worse things you could invest in...

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Bitcoins -  what's it all about? Here's an interesting point of view from Sir Richard Branson. 

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Some useful advice on how to handle remote clients by 37 signal's founder Jason Fried

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This is really an awesome offer: Studying such interesting topics as "Design 101", the "Future of Storytelling" or "Contemporary Architecture" for free. I wish I had more time!

And here´s a controversive talk about the future of universities (german language):

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Even though it´s far from perfect at the moment... it´s another science fiction commodity which we can have right now. 
Samsung reminds us we've wanted a smart watch for the past 60 years

Samsung's Galaxy Gear is a going to be a tough sell. It has limited functionality and said functionality is limited to only a few Android devices. Specifically the Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 10.1, and Galaxy S4. The first two are brand new having just recently launched and the latter will have support someday soon. That's not a lot of support seeing as their are over a billion Android devices out there.

Sammy's marketing team aims to remind us that we've been wanting a smartwatch for the past 60 years. We've seen them pop up in cartoons, tv shows, and movies. Now, we can act like Inspector Gadget, Captain Kirk, George Jetson, or Dick Tracy. Most consumers have never heard of Pebble, Metawatch or Sonys smartwatch.

Samsung's massive marketing budget will help these types of products reach more than just tech geeks and that's a good thing, even if we don't think Samsung's Galaxy Gear is the smartwatch that we've been dreaming about all these years.

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