Dear Wholistic Transitioners /Strategic World Improvers please tell me about your projects

While aiming to connect a key strategic project ( Module 1 = open gift, book that gives overview over transitioning* & strategic design - interface graphics included ) with the diverse groups who need to read it - partly testing how to talk to walls in the mind - because they are all invited to participate in founding it as interdisciplinary team, I also watched political discussions:

Dear humanity, even those who are part of the change we need are often still too stuck in their specific area/perspectives (not necessarily transitioners, but many) and not learning on to see the whole picture of transitioning*, how all aspects are related and that all of them are needed.
All we need is happening though, we just need to connect it in the right way !

The design I promote can solve the dilemma, even just Module 1 can solve effectively: no learning required to see the whole, solve inherent fallacies and co-empower; but too late, given what I see - unless I change my tactics completely. Pondering just that :)
( Not "solve" political reality yet, but influence it already, forthcoming, related modules, will tackle that representative democracies alone can never be real democracies, but advanced tools can help to change that constructively...)
( +Background Module 1:
quick intro & link to download: )

Dear transitioners / strategic world improvers who see the whole:

* # selection: post growth & social change, material & digital commons / commoning, cooperatives & platform cooperativism, P2P, open source, open designs & 3D printing, fair/ethical economy, fair cryptocurrencies, block chain (& beyond), regenerative agriculture, P2P green energy, future direct democracy & improved representative democracies, alternative & civic education ...

= understand that most groups, even within the big picture of transitioning, see only a part and we need global solutions for empowering mostly local & truly fair ones - please @ to me on twitter ( = ping me in public with a link to your project/opinion; e.g as reply to this tweet: :)

Looking forward to read from you !
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