Open Design Proposal + book about the Transition Movement

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(Editedx : my bad I did not mention +Bob Haugen as key person ! I will add ! )

"Why we need this project to succeed with Transitioning towards the truly better world that becomes quickly less possible, though humanity slowly wakes up"

Shortest, because it can solve all most urgent problems of transitioning in one first step. And further modules tackle what is missing, outlooks are given. But let me start with some background information:

+Michel Bauwens  was the first and only person I asked to read the book/design about a year ago before publishing.
He generously and immediately supported my yet unconnected work, in a time of total information overflow, though I made the initial mistake to send him an unfinished version nearly without graphics:

He saw and told me though, also immediately, that it would be very difficult to reach those who should be connected & united through this project.

But just this project-based strategic cooperation of yet separated Open/Transition aspects/players is needed to solve the key problems of transitioning - and equally important: empower it as effectively as urgently needed within capitalism as reality, greenwashing itself for show; I will proof that by writing separate articles on several key aspects for which awareness is rising.

Yet Michel shared the project with key people early and continued to share....but I can understand he waits for more feedback now, as it was not clear without graphics, how simple the technical side can be realised.

There is one first huge challenge for this project to overcome: even "key people" immediately think "not yet another social network, another mapping project - we had that, doesn't work".

- but it is not, by far not, just another SN
- nor just another mapping project - it describes how to unite key existing ones & features them. ( #Transformap as ideal co-initiator co-leader, inviting others )

- beyond, it simply covers & "solves" all key aspects of transitioning in an astonishingly simple way. But to see that, the book must be read, or at least screened after reading the Table Of Contents, lots of graphics to support you :)

Though the Truly Open SN is only a "small part" of an extremely relevant strategy, we still need one, no matter if e.g diaspora failed !

A true social network that emerges project-based, based on having a uniting mission, as described. uniting existing open tools & projects, as outlined.
Most importantly, empowers global collaboration /cooperation of related projects, as fostered by design.

It really is a key strategy to unite the Open & Transition Movement, then empower Transitioning effectively, a strong empowerment because it can reach those who still believe in capitalism and help them to become part of empowering transitioning without having to convince them, fluently - #keydesign  

There are decades of highly intense research behind this strategic design - and related projects which I will publish when time and finances allow.

Basically the Transition Movement includes the Open Movement, none of them are totally aware of themselves as relative wholes....but that is what the book tells about, how to connect them all "by design", though many parts are not aware of their relation and some burnt-in misconceptions have to be dissolved first.

The proposed design can also solve existing challenges within improvements, which are (mostly) the result of capitalism still running the game with a huge advantage

I aim to connect to those mentioned in the book, especially those mentioned as "Desired Core Team" - important activists, initiators, who would invite those they choose for starting open from the start.

I will connect step by step now, - but though there is NO EGO in the work, I feel terrible that I have to promote my work on my own :)
( I myself do not intend to be part & would prefer to work on publishing further Modules. )

So I need time to connect with specific groups, and probably often personally (live), speak in public....this asset that was given to me will return:
Please bear with me until I find the balance between promoting what is simply important for the world and "the right appearance on social media to succeed"
Those where really many decades of being misunderstood :)
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