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This is a fan's page of Bayern Munich and run by beloved fans of #BayernMunchen
This is a fan's page of Bayern Munich and run by beloved fans of #BayernMunchen

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We are ready for inform #Arsenal . Hopefully by Feb Carlo will sort out the formation and have a clarity on his best team. So far we are not a cohesive unit. It seems each player doesn't have their role clear to them and after Guardiola detailed specifications players are finding hard to make decisions on their own in the field.

Carlo best part is that he lets players choose the best course of action in a given situation. Once formation is sorted out and players able to make certain decision then we will be in a lot better position in Feb

#fcbayern #bayernmunchen #bayernmunich # miasanmia

It is #CBayern vs #Arsenal again. Another exciting tie. My take Ancelloti will prove the changes by then. Hopefully we will have very few injuries compare to last three years 

Final score #Schalke 0-2 #BayernMunchen , scorer Lewa & Kimmich

Strange match with chances to score more but on the other side 0-2 look flattering given the second goals was minute away from the end on a counter attack.

Too early to make judgment on Carlo's influence.

Kimmich scored a goal similar to international duty goal in the bottom right corner. In the bag now -- Schalke 0 -2 #BayerMunchen

#fcbayern #bayernmunich #miasanmia #fcbayernmunchen

Finally an awesome pass from Javi and Lewa scored a good goal after missing an easier to score than missing chance. 82 min on - Schalke 0 - 1 #fcbayern

In 25 min #fcbayern is about to start the quest for 5th successive title. I think it will be really really hard this year compare to last 4.
Viva viva #fcbayern
#bayernmunchen #fcbayernmunchen #bayernmunich #miasanmia

Group D: Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid, PSV Eindhoven, FC Rostov

First trophy for Ancelloti with #bayernmunchen  , first super cup win in four years for #bayernmunich  . Good introduction to the season ahead. As fans we need to be patient in the transition.

Leading 2-0 in final few minutes. The result is as good as done. Best news for the evening - I like the way Kimmich played in an advance position. Think Kroos three years ago sort of performance.

Welcome back everyone - long time. I'm back from the vacation. New season is underway even though with start of season - Super Cup friendly. Right now #BayernMunchen  leading #BVB  1-0 by Vidal's goal.
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