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But how do we all get health coverage?

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The first in a series about ObamaCare and Mississippi.

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Need help! I have a new android phone (Samsung Note 2) and I can't get Twitter to work the way it did on my two previous adroid samsung. I want a twitter window open on my home page that shows the latest tweet. Instead I just have the icon. When I click it, I get the list of tweets. How do I get my window back?

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This is Admiral Grace Hopper. She coined the terms "bug" and "debugging." By finding a moth in the mainframe.

Type "zerg rush" (without the quotes) in, hit enter, and watch what happens. Fun way to start the day!

Testing a new app.

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"You know things are bad when librarians start protesting."

Don't you love it that all those Republicans that are screaming about "religious freedom" over the birth control issue are the same ones that want this to be a Christian nation? This is, of course, contrary to the Constitution, but they scream about that, too. Must be nice to be obliviously contradictory.
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