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Adorable snail on our front stairs.
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I need art inspiration. I need something new to do, that plays on my strengths.
Supplies I have: Acrylics, variety of brushes, collage materials, acrylic mediums, various drawing things (crayons, markers, pencils), canvas, canvas board, giant sheets of paper.

I am having what might be termed a bad day, and I need to Do Something.
All advice appreciated, and welcomed.
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Dear boots, please know that you will break before I will. However, if you could hurry up the process, my ankles would cry less.
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This has been one of the best birthdays I have ever had.
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Many of you who came to the Meta in the time I've lived here will remember, Kee, my dog. She died last year, shortly before All The Evil happened (car accidents, etc), of renal failure. She was an emotional support dog, and one of the best resources I have ever had.

I am finally ready to get another dog, both emotionally and physically, having pulled myself out of my depression just far enough to notice that really, I'd do better with a dog at pulling myself the rest of the way out.

If anyone local has a suggestion of a shelter that they had a really good partnership with, or have suggestions of cheaper places to get good quality dog supplies than Brand New At Petco™.

Also, if anyone has medium size dog supplies they'd be interested in trading for/letting me buy/donate, I'm all ears.

Hope everyone is well.
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Overheard in the free breakfast room at the hotel I'm in, re: Elijah Wood in LotR..
"I was surprised to find out he as old as he was, but they have to look young, you know, for those historical pictures, because they died so young. "
I, for one, welcome our Hobbit overlords.
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I've found something useful in getting myself to sleep, and lowering my number of nightmares*. I've been listening to audiobooks on my mp3 player for 45 minutes to an hour, in the dark, with my eyemask on.
The reason this works seems to be that I don't think while listening to an audiobook. Part of what keeps me awake is anxiety about a variety of things, from fear of nightmares, to fear of what a failure I am.

I would recommend this to anyone else who has trouble sleeping due to anxiety, fear, racing thoughts, etc.

The content of the audiobooks, for me, does make a difference. I am currently listening to Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and while it is leading to *violent dreams, they are not personally violent; they have nothing to do with my history, and are such very much less terrifying. This is working great for me, yes, there is violence in my head, but I am sleeping better than I have for the past few months because I do not wake up screaming.
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