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DAN ALBAS: There have been tax reduction efforts federally, however income taxes in many provinces have risen in addition to increases in property taxes
USED WITH PERMISSION As many accountants and tax professionals will know, January of each year is
the opening of “income tax season”; the period of time up until April 30th when
in this case, your 2018 income taxes must be filed with the Canada Revenue
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FELDSTED: The UN Committee, on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, is targeting Canada because we’re too nice to tell them go drown itself. Most other nations ignore these busybodies
UN committee warns that Site C dam may violate
Indigenous rights agreement.  Concern over 'alleged lack of measures taken to
ensure the right to consultation' The Canadian Press / CBC News ~~ Jan 15, 2019 A United Nations
committee has warned Canada that co...
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Andrew Wilkinson, along with many of his fellow provincial LIBERAL members, are continually shelling out wads of CASH not to federal Conservatives, but instead to the Federal LIBERAL Party
the Federal Conservative EDA for Nanaimo Ladysmith, led by President Mark
MacDonald, has felt it necessary to disavow themselves from the ONLY TRUE provincial
Conservative Party.   And, WONDER OF
WONDERS ... he has seen fit to drag out the age-old crap ...
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Constables SMITH and MARTIN: We are not, and have no interest, in just randomly showing up to your home or bar and testing you. Trust me, we have better things to do with our time
Police in Canada
can now demand breath samples in bars and at home! You may have seen the above headline in your social
media feed the past few days, and I wanted to provide some clarification around
this legislation update. To begin –
Police are not going ...
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FELDSTED: While we can express our displeasure, or ask for leniency, our standards do not apply. Government virtue signalling is a useless exercise because totalitarian states are not listening
Canadian Robert
Schellenberg Sentenced to Death in China in Drug-Smuggling Case Jessica Chin ~~ HuffPost
~~ 01/14/2019  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada
will do everything it can to intervene on behalf of a Canadian sentenced to
death in China. ......
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FORSETH: No matter what you may see or hear in the media, a child is never removed for a random or arbitrary reason. That is a myth! The goal IS to keep families together when possible
the recent news story out of Manitoba, regarding the removal of a newborn by Child and Family Services , has given me pause for thought. Let’s
start with this.   For reasons of privacy,
any Child Protection Services agency in Canada, is
unable at any...
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Veterans Affairs fiscal faux-pas leads to hardship and hurt – the worst suffered by retirees in the lowest ranks, along with the disabled who had little other income
Anatomy of a blunder: How Veterans Affairs quietly buried a $165M accounting
error.   The department found and
corrected the error in 2010 - but made no efforts to compensate veterans Murray Brewster ~~ CBC News ~~ Jan 11, 2019 It was an
incredibly simple (...
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GUNN: In a country blessed to be counted as one of the most robust and respected democracies in the world, illegal blockades and economic terrorism are NEVER an appropriate response
Early last week the RCMP began enforcing a
court-ordered injunction to remove two illegal blockades in Northern B.C.   And while some may lament the 14 arrests that
occurred in the process – what more could the RCMP have possibly done? Activists had occupie...
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ALBAS: I have received complaints over the fact that a true savings account is one that citizens can voluntarily withdraw from, whereas CPP contributions do not offer this flexibility
At the beginning of this month I
referenced higher Canada Pension Plan (CPP) premiums, that will increase from
4.95%, up to 5.95%, gradually between 2019 and 2023, resulting in lower take
home pay for many Canadians. If you have been watching television, it...
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The key cost drivers behind the proposed 3.8% tax increase according to the City of Kamloops? They include provincially driven programs, additional RCMP members, increased service levels, along with inflation and wages
Not that many days ago, Kris Sims, the BC Director of the
Canadian Taxpayers Federation stated that, “... people
should brace for big tax hikes on a number of fronts in 2019, not the least of
which is the province double dipping on the MSP and EHT health ta...
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