This is such a great article for a number of reasons. First - it clearly defines what Obama has done right in reframing the war on terror to a war on al qaida and how this helps prevent an eternal "War on terror"... al qaida is technically the only enemy that has attacked us since 9/11.

It also talks about how the Arab Spring has shown muslims that mass demonstrations are more effective than assassinations or killings in affecting change.

There is also the wonderful point that because of this, many of the Islamic groups that we might otherwise attempt to "fight" are actually making attempts to change their goals and dynamic... and at least are offering lip service to women's rights, minority (Christian) rights, etc.

While I am a devout optimist, I am not naive. I am fully aware that rhetoric is somewhat empty until backed by action. However, I think the greater point is that the stance of "guilty until proven innocent" is not going to help us gain allies, spread democracy & human rights, or reduce the danger that terrorism presents.

If we are to live in a world of tolerance (if not a world of peace), then we have to LIVE THE EXAMPLE. We have to be willing to hope for change, encourage the stirrings of it, and continually be optimistic that this time, things will be different.

We should stand prepared in case the words are hollow and the gestures are misleading... but continuing to make policy decisions based on fear will only encourage those things we are fearful of. Having the COURAGE and STRENGTH to hope for positive change is a much better use of our energy.

Its also a legacy and a culture we can proudly pass on to our children, and an example of how we hope the rest of the world will act. We choose to see the US as a major leader in the world today - so we need to act like it.
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