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Corbin: Sweet pit mix, always smiling, is out of time at high-kill SC shelter
Greenville County Pet Rescue
NAME: Corbin 
ANIMAL ID: 23102635 
BREED: Pit mix 
SEX: male 
EST. AGE: 4 yrs 
Est Weight: 35 lbs 
Health: heartworm pos 
Temperament: dog friendly, people friendly (food aggression) 
ADDITIONAL INFO: Very sweet boy, loves everyone, always happy. 
RESCUE PULL FEE: $25 (for the month of July) 
Out of time
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(:: What Would Happen If Bees Disappeared Off The Face Of The Earth ???? ::)

Cristina Seiça

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While at an open access shelter tonight to pick up an abused and neglected male pittie puppy, now named Asphalt, we came across this jaw dropping emaciated girl.

Wearing an over-sized metal chain-link around her neck, she was found tied up in the backyard on the south side of Chicago. She is defeated, terrified and has lost any sense of hope… she is truly somebody’s leftover. 

Knowing the severity of her medical condition, TAF took her with us and brought her straight to the vet. As of tonight, she is hospitalized on IV fluids and is receiving supportive care in the hopes that her body does not start to shut down. For tonight… we just need to pray and wait. 

Before we left the hospital, we decided to name her Elsa… for she does not yet realize the beauty that lies within.

TAF is asking for donations to help cover this Elsa’s medical expenses. If you can help TAF raise the money to cover the hospitalization of Elsa, we would really appreciate it. Any tax-deductible donations can be made at by clinking on the “DONATE” button. If you are making a donation via your smartphone, for some reason Paypal does not give you the option to earmark your donation. However, you can forward your donation confirmation to and I will make sure that it is appropriately applied to Elsa’s care. If you would rather mail in a donation, please send a check to: Trio Animal Foundation, 516 N. Ogden Ave. Suite #199, Chicago, IL 60642.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for sharing. 


We have some bad news about Elsa… her vet just called and she is not doing well. Elsa is weighing in at 21 pounds when she should be more like 45 pounds. The side effects of Elsa’s emaciated state, caused by starvation, has left her severely anemic, lethargic and with extremely low overall protein levels.

Elsa’s vet did an ultrasound to see if he could detect anything abnormal in her abdomen. He found a large amount of fluid and will be taking a few aspirate samples to determine what the fluid is. If it's blood, our girl may be in a lot of trouble as the blood could be from internal bleeding either from trauma (like being kicked) or from something going on with her body. If it's not blood and is just fluid, the buildup may be because of her severe anemia which can cause ascites (fluid build up.) This would be similar to somebody who is going into kidney failure.

At this point, she is really in such bad shape and it is difficult to discern what is really going on. Under close medical supervision, she will continue to have tests throughout the day and another ultrasound in a few hours. We will keep you updated as the day goes on.

Please please please keep continue to keep Elsa in your thoughts and prayers as she in for the fight of her life.
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Cristina Seiça

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Rocky Ridge Refuge

Featured adoptable! Hugs has been waiting quite awhile for her forever home. Here is her original post: set=a.488117181230236.110056.117805311594760&type=3 .

She has healed and is being fostered in central Arkansas where she lives with many other dogs of all sizes. Hugs loves children! She is not good with other critters though and a 6 foot fence is needed to keep her safely contained. She is generally a quiet, easy going girl that just wants her own family to love... If interested, I will connect you with her foster for more info. If interested please submit an application. Right now especially, transport is available close to anywhere in the Country!
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That's so sad wish this poor baby finds a forever real soon <3 ((()))
Have her in circles
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Rescue only: Hummingbird & Cherry need out of high-kill upstate shelter
Greenville County Pet Rescue
Rescue ONLY 
NAME: Hummingbird & Cherry 
ANIMAL ID: 23176924-6897 
BREED: Pit mixes 
SEX: female 
EST. AGE: 4 mos 
Est Weight: 18-20 lbs 
Health: demodex pos 
Temperament: dog friendly, people friendly. 
RESCUE PULL FEE: $29 (each) 
Available: 7/12
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Cristina Seiça

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Mother dog found beneath storage shed was littered with pellets
Anyone who is interested in adopting Charade is asked to visit to fill out an adoption application.
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