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Kathleen Moore
Kathleen Moore is Owner of CastleView 3D Architectural Renderings.
Kathleen Moore is Owner of CastleView 3D Architectural Renderings.

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Chief Architect software is great for residential and light commercial architectural modeling.  Here's chance to get trained on it in beautiful Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
Join us for 2 Day and 3 Day Introductory and Intermediate level training classes for Chief Architect X6 professional software. Choose Kitchen, Bath & Interior classes or full overview classes.

Learn More and Sign Up Here:

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A cool new 3D feature in Google.
1) Search on Google for [sugar formula]
2) Click the button  "3D" that appears in the top box
3) Enjoy the interactive animation (move it with your mouse)
4) Search for other molecules
5) Play with carbon dioxide in full screen:
6) Find more molecules searching for this:  []
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It's been a busy year so far at CastleView 3D!

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Chief Architect's Home Designer software was my introduction to 3D modeling 8 years ago! Great product -- and it has gotten even better and more powerful since then.  Check out the new release -- so many great features.
We are excited to announce the release of our Home Designer 2015 for Mac & PC!

Here are a few of the New Features:
-Mac version
-Multiple Monitor Support
-Reflections in Mirrors & Fast Shadows in Render Views
-Custom Backsplash tool (Pro & Architectural)

Learn more on our website or call us at 800-482-4433/208-292-3400 M-F 6am-5pm PT.

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I'm so excited about this -- you can help make it happen by donating (even a little bit helps!).

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Kathleen Moore commented on a post on Blogger.
These images are all 3D renderings created by CastleView 3D.  Please visit our site at to see more of our amazing work!

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Great deck-building tips! (including one from yours truly)

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What fun!  This is the kind of March Madness I can get into.
Would you hire a company based on their clever name? We've compiled for your favorite!

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I love Houzz because it's beautiful and seductive.  (I've heard it called "house porn," which has the ring of truth!)  But I also find it extremely useful in my work.  Read more to find out why.

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Beautiful design and craftsmanship!
Inside Viktor Yanukovych's Mezhyhirya palace
An ornate sweeping staircase
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