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Adi Sapir
Creating unique database applications
Creating unique database applications


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A quick demo for SQL Table Zip - Our table/query-level backup tool for Microsoft SQL Server

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A quick (silent) demo of ClipTable in action.

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Log4Sql (formerly known as Log Table Viewer) is released in an entirely new version!
Now supporting the following databases:
- Microsoft SQL Server
- PostgreSQL

Find out more at the link.

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Your new data Import-Export power tools
If you’re working with databases, you are obviously no
stranger to the endless need for getting data in and out the database. And not
only the traditional inserts and selects, but rather importing from/exporting
to “foreign” sources. Two of our tools are ju...

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Just released: [Database File Explorer] - new version supports #sql2014 #hekaton files/filegroups space. get it @

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Introducing: SQL Table Zip
Today we're introducing a new product which enables you to perform a very simple task: Backup any table/sql statement into a compressed file. While many already figure out the huge benefit, here's some more detailed info: When you have to send a table over ...

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New versions of both ClipTable & dbFileExplorer are out!
There are major changes & improvements. Blog post coming soon.
Grab your copy here:

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[blog] - New Versions released, plus a personal note...

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There's a new version of dbFileExplorer, contains many changes such as:
- Added new special analysis Report - unused indexes: Showing redundant indexes sorted by size
- Added option to preview table directly from Management Studio (ssms)
- Added Profiler execution support (direct connect)
- Fixed preview sorting bug
- Fixed CPU Usage calculation (more accurate)
- Added CPU/IO[read/write] info to the Server Properties window (App/Repository)
- Fixed "Unlimited" file growth indication
- Fixed Orphan tables display
- Insufficient permissions warning is displayed when necessary
- Help has been updated
- UI Fixes

You can get it here:
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