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Mark Smith
Technical generalist and helpful guy.
Technical generalist and helpful guy.

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New Google+ UI is fantastically terrible. It uses 1/3 of the horizontal width for showing real content. I want to kill the chat bar (I use Adium) and the "info" bar to the right of the content. I can't figure out how.

Blah. I don't need to use this. Or Facebook. At least FB has a great experience, even if their privacy/business practices are atrocious. Google's practices are slightly better (only slightly, see the Nymwars), but it's hard to use.

In reality, I should make Dreamwidth have enough of the features I want and interop with FB/G+ and then I can live in my comfortable home where I know we don't invade our user's privacy and I can make it play nice with the rest of the Internet. (As much as they let third parties play nice.)

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We just launched the latest version of the Bump app! This is an extraordinary release in my mind -- not only is it beautiful and just fun to use, but we decided to do something really hard: cut features.

One of the most exciting things for me about being at Bump is that we're willing to do the hard stuff. Instead of just bloating the software with more and more functionality of dubious utility, we pared it down to the things that really makes it stand out. Kudos to the product team and our founders for having the stones to do this.

Bump 3.0 is available for Android right now, and will be coming out for iOS shortly. (Today, hopefully!)

620 people have put me in their circles. I can only assume that most of you just typed "Mark Smith" and decided that I was an attractive white male of about 29 years old and added me. Right?

Seriously though, where are most of you coming from? Do you know me from somewhere or is it entirely random chance?

Ticketing systems. Why do we have this discussion at every company I've ever been at? Why is it that no group of people can ever agree on what a good system is -- is that the problem? Or is the problem that everything sucks?

I'm fighting another urge to write a bug tracking system. Grah.

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Oliver Graham Smith. 9 lbs 1 oz. 21 inches. Born at 11:31 AM by c-section. Mother and baby are doing great. 

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At the hospital going in to the OR for the c-section. Thoughts and prayers please. 

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I made something that may be useful for those of you who do operations work: a RESTful, JSON interface to Nagios. See my blog post for more information.

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The Boom De Yada commercials never fail to make me smile. They also make me a little jealous -- particularly of the people who study storms and tornados. :)

Lately I've been doing a bunch of coding, which has been just awesome. I need to get things to the point where I can link them, but little has been "released". You can always follow me on GitHub though!

I admit, I'm tempted to live blog the live blog. So far, the iPhone 4S looks cool and I'll probably get one, but it hasn't absolutely blown me away yet.
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