In case you missed my blog article:
Google+ is not going anywhere!

Many tech writers have been declaring Google+ dead even before there are any changes done under the new management.

Well?  Why?
One can use the Hangouts and Photos as part of the Google+ social glue that is what we see now, just like before. 

Presumably people who don't wish to use Google+ can use these as stand-alone products but that doesn't take anything away from us already in the Circleverse. Hangouts already has it's own support pages and I'm hoping that Google+ Photos will have them, too.

The Material Design that Google has already started implementing across products may change the visual side but to my mind only improving it.

Think about the Photos: Making it also a stand-alone product but still keeping it integrated with Google+ would open up a huge new audience for our publicly shared pics!

Remember what +Yonatan Zunger wrote about +Bradley Horowitz taking over and +Sundar Pichai commenting about internal reorganisations:

"No big user-facing changes tied to this at all."

PS: My text was checked by a Googler before publishing.

Read more and get the facts:

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