Looking for interesting people to circle?

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If you want to see a circle you have been shared in, check these resources:

An excerpt from +Miguel Rodriguez, my G+ reliable source! :-)

In which shared circles are you? A killer new feature by the CircleCount folks
We all have seen posts by users who are welcoming new followers and wondering who added them to a shared circle. Until now finding out who to thank for adding you to a circle was an interesting treasure hunt since Google + does not inform you when you are included in a shared circle.

The CircleCount folks are releasing a new very useful table that will inform you in which public circles you have been included. This will help folks that see suddenly increase in their number of followers understand who has included them in which circle and give them the opportunity of thanking them. This feature is available in your profile page in http://www.circlecount.com/ (Login and select Your Profile)

You can view the latest shared circles here:

And view the details of a shared circle (A recent example where I was shared):

You can do a search on Google+ with these words:

"Jaana Nyström shared a circle"

Then choose The Best and you'll get many new circles to circle from... :-)
The search can be saved.

Just change name when looking for anyone else's circles, like +Melody Lynn, +Robert Scoble, +Gabriel Vasile, +Denis Labelle, +Amanda Blain, +Vic Gundotra or +Michelle Marie... Or just anyone.

Then again, just try searching: "shared a circle with you" and you'll get lots of suggestions!

If on the other hand you are looking for specific types of people, try this.
Pharmacists, fishermen, woodworkers, programmers, knitters, divers, golfers, Formula 1 fans, footballers...

The shared circles project:

More about shared circles:


Have fun! :-)
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