Follow the leaders?
- A rant about attracting an audience... Also for business pages!

I can’t say this often enough: If you want to have people circling you, first you should be doing this to people yourself. There are lots of lists and suggestions for all interests and now you can ask people to share their circles with you directly, either in private or publicly.
Try searching Google+ for "shared a circle with you" and save the search, then you'll have a never ending supply of interesting people, recommended by the Plussers.

To make good use of Google+, you should follow the five C’s:
Circle, Comment, Contribute, Curate and… Circle.
– By +Johnathan Chung

After posting some stuff, the next step is to make comments. It does not have to be a full-blown opinion or explanation, just a few words to show you’re interested. When the Plussers (others too, not just the original poster) see your contribution they will check out your profile's hovercard and perhaps the profile, too. If they like your content, then they will circle you. You have to engage to be in the game. At this point it would be nice to have your profile picture and tagline ready, the one that shows on your ‘hovercard’:

- When you mouse over somebody’s name in Google+ you see a hovercard with a picture, name and some text, if the person has filled out their profile, that is. Otherwise you’ll just see a Bluehead and a name.

How to attract the circling motion:

Take a look at you profile's 'About' page.

Employment – Think carefully what you write here because the text is shown on your ‘hovercard’. This is a big factor when deciding whether to add someone to circles or not! You can make the text quite long, but be careful not to bore or overwhelm the possible followers. Make it snappy, like an alligator sandwich.
Remember to use ‘current employment’ option for the text to show.

- Your Google+ profile page has a section called the 'Tagline', where you can add a brief description of yourself. Click the space and write; don’t make it too long. I recommend making it public for ‘anyone on the web’, as it will be your personal 'headline'. If several people have the same name, this is what distinguishes you from the rest.

See the TIM's for instance:

Business Pages owners:

Too many of you haven't given any thought for the tagline on your hovercard!

You have around (or a few less in some cases) 30 characters for the 'tagline' so don't waste them in repeating the company name, never mind the SEO. The name is displayed on the hovercard and the tagline comes right under it.
The funniest tagline I saw just today was "Company x - accessory in..."
- Accessory in what? Murder?
When people are looking at the hovercard, they need to know what the company is about. 2-second-pitch, I call it.

Remember: Good content is the most important step of all, without content you'll get nowhere...
Hope this is helpful, enjoy! :-)
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