How to stream live HOA from YouTube Live Events:

This way one doesn't have to create a Google+ Event for a Hangout on Air: Nice to use for coaching or demo videos too.

Go to your YT channel, under the top right avatar click on Creator studio.
Then from the left, choose Video manager > Live events.
Top right click New live event.

Title (Can be changed)
- When (now or scheduled)
- Description: Same place where you can also add the clickable minute tags / schedule after the video is finished.
- Tags

Choose Public, Unlisted or Private video.

Make sure the Type is Quick, that's for Hangouts on Air.

Advanced settings tab on top
- Comments, promotions, restrictions, category etc. Important stuff, too.

When you're done with all the settings, save them by creating the Live Event. Go live now
Then when you're ready before a scheduled Event just click on the "Start Hangout on Air" and after that everything is like in a normal HOA.


Using the "Capture" app inside the HOA - it's nice to take photos of the live event or of yourself. :D  
The photos will be found under "All photos" on Google+ Photos tab (left menu). From there one can copy them to albums.

Learn more:

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YouTube Live Events and a Hangout on Air
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