Google+ Photo tips: Profile tab and Highlights

+Zachary Fair did great research on the Photos Highlights:

You will not have the option to add highlights on photos that are in the Photos from posts album. Whether the photo is a highlight is determined by how it was before you share it. You CAN remove a photo from highlights when viewing the photo or set of photos on the Photos tab. I did this testing on a test account, and on my main account I am able to set highlights for some photos, but I'm not able to figure out why.

If you share photos on a post and create a new album, you CAN set highlights for that album, although in my testing the option isn't initially there, but appears after a few minutes.

Community photos do not appear on the Photos tab, and you cannot set highlights for them. Photos shared to a private community cannot be shared elsewhere. For public community, you can share them, but they will not show on the Photos tab, and will be removed if they were previously shared outside the community.

If you remove the stop sharing with the community, you SHOULD be able to have them show back up on the Photos tab, but this wasn't always the case.

Short version: Highlights are great for showing you photos that you might want to share, but for selecting which photos show on the Photos tab of your profile, it's a mess. I think if you're going to be sharing photos and want to retain control, it is best to create a new album, and to create special albums for any communities that you might post to. We've been hearing that new photo organization tools will be coming eventually, and hopefully this issue will be addressed. 

To add a photo to Highlights you must either first open each one in the lightbox view or just click the album open and choose multiple photos: 

You can browse through an album and choose the photos to be highlighted by clicking on the top left corner of each photo.  One Highlighted photo should be enough to display also the clickable album name.

After you have finished clicking on the photos, choose "More" and you should see a check box for Highlights.  Click on that and the images you have chosen will be highlighted.
You can select all if you wish, but the limit for highlighted photos in one album is 100.

Individual images:
On top of the lightbox view I get these: Share, Edit, Tag people, Slideshow, More 

Click on the More dropdown and you should see:
- Add to album
- Set as cover photo
- Download photo
- Auto enhance
- Highlight with or without a check mark in front

Adding a checkmark to a publicly shared image highlights it in your profile's photos tab.

One thing:  It looks like a copy of another image does not get the "Highlight" possibility.  I copied a photo to another album and the Highlight is missing from the More dropdown.

See the screenshots for explanations on what's going on in your Photos tab

Read more from Google:

I have written a couple of Photos tutorials for Google+, I hope they are of use to you:

They're a bit long but take a quick look and then go back for bite sized chunks.

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