All in need of help / advice / #G+Tips with Google+:

Hello my dear Circleverse!
I've received dozens of messages via email and G+ asking me for help, like "Am totally new to this social site..Can you put me through?"

As much as I'd like to help each individual, unfortunately I'm really busy at the moment! :-)

Here are the articles I've written about using Google+, all should be helpful and instructive. Not telling anyone how it must be done, but how it can be done, rather.
Have a read and you'll be enjoying the Google+ experience more, I hope... :D

All about the profile page, your 'business card' in Google+:

Other important aspects of Google+, thoughts and suggestions + good links:

About etiquette and consideration for others + Tips:

Feel free to share these with your friends and circles!


Pic by +Aaron Wood
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