After having stuffed ourselves with ham, turkey and other holiday foods, the family is in need of something different:

Easy to cook Thai food:

My absolute favorite is Phad Kapraw or very a spicy dish with shredded meat, green and red chili peppers, Thai holy basil and plenty of garlic. This tasty meal is often served with fried egg on top or for a more sumptuous spread, accompanied by Thai pork omelet Kai Jeaw Moo Sub, to balance the fiery taste. You can use whatever meat or seafood to prepare this dish, same as with many other Asian delicacies. Best served with steamed Jasmine rice, sliced cucumber and tomato.

Khao Phat Gai or Thai fried rice: Children’s choice! This mild dish is suitable for all and sundry. To be enjoyed as the main meal or as a side dish, garnished with a salad or small spring onions, tomato and cucumber. I always squeeze lime on top and add some nam pla.

Sweet and sour chicken is an all time favorite, many variations abound but this is one of the best recipes I’ve found. Very quick and easy to make at home, kids will love this.

Tom Yam is a hot & sour soup made with prawns (goong) or chicken (gai). Not for those faint of heart. Very spicy indeed!

To top off the Thai experience

As nearly all these foods are very savoury, drinking wine with the meal is a waste, unless perhaps some very tannin rich red or dry white with the milder foods. Dessert wines go very well with Sticky Rice and Mango. I’d much rather recommend ice water, cold beer or why not Thai ‘whiskey’ or Mekhong with soda water (or Coke) to wash down the meal.
I’ve seen Thais drink Johnny Walker Black Label neat or on the rocks with the food, though… And then hit the Karaoke!

Enjoy! :-)
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