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Social Media coach and Entrepreneur.


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I took a dive into unknown waters today...

I gave my first lesson / presentation about Google+!

(In the Continuing Education Center for Adults in Jyväskylä, Finland.)

The students were really enthusiastic after I'd shown them what Google+ is all about: Not many had even heard about it, or just thought that it was another Facebook.

The points most positively noted were:

- The use of real names they saw as a positive factor
- How easy it is to utilize the Circles
- Sparks
- Hangouts (They really let the imagination rip)
- Private messaging via +name surname
- Sharing possibilities
- +1 extension for every website and the +1 page in your profile (bookmarks)
- Following someone without the need for them to follow back (friends) and vice versa
- Existing great extensions

Just to mention a few... There was a lot of discussion. Pity we didn't have time to try out the Hangout.

It seems I have to do the presentation again, for the teachers...
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A blast from the past...

I originally shared this in 25th AUG 2011.

#BlastFromThe Past #GooglePlus #GooglePlusRefugee
Remember this?

^Tongue in cheek^ :-)
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How can so many people in the USA be so blind?

"Climate deniers will try to say this article is gleeful about a hurricane. It is not. First of all, this hurricane and all hurricanes that hit land can cause death and destruction. I pray that people heed warnings and get out of the way. I hope people stay safe, regardless of their understanding of climate change and its effect on storms.

Second, elections have consequences and if we as a society want to create a better world and reduce climate change, we have to vote for people who understand science, who believe in facts. Climate deniers are making these storms worse by stopping action on climate change. What the hell do we expect to happen when the deniers are writing the laws?"

#Climatechange #GlobalWarming #Hurricane #Storm #USA #Science #Politics
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A musical investigation into the nature of atoms and subatomic particles, the jiggly things that make up everything we see. Featuring Morgan Freeman, Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku, Brian Cox, Richard Feynman, and Frank Close.

#Science #Music
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Remember these exciting times?

#ThrowbackThursday #GooglePlus #July2011
How popular is Google+? Well, in less than a week I will have more followers here than I have on Facebook despite being on Facebook for more than three years. Wow. Not sure what that means, but here's some theories.

1. Google+ is far more popular with geeks than Facebook is.
2. I have a "tribe" of folks who follow me on Twitter, but won't follow me to Facebook, but will follow me here and on Quora (I have more followers there, too).
3. Something about Google+ makes me more discoverable here than on Facebook (I wonder if I'm popping up on everyone's suggested users list here, where on Facebook I'm not).

The question is, will this be like Quora (growth has slowed there. Most of my followers there happened in late December and January) or will it continue to see growth over time? (My gut instinct is that growth here will die down until Google releases another set of features. Of course, it seems like Google is iterating faster than Quora or other social networks).

Some other notes:

1. I'm getting more engagement here than anywhere else.
2. The team and execs at Google are far more active here than any other exec team in social media. I've seen all sorts of Googlers hang out and comment on a wide variety of posts and show up in all sorts of video hangouts. When has an exec at Twitter or Facebook done that in a very public way? I can't remember.
3. I think this shows that Google has tapped into some existing boredom of a group of people who haven't been served by other social networks.
4. The speed of notifications and new items here doesn't match Twitter, yet, but blows away Facebook's speed, even adjusting for the numbers of people I'm following (and, if I adjust for Twitter's numbers -- I'm following 32,000 there -- I think that per user we're seeing more posts here than there).

Anyway you look at this I think the first five days of Google+ have been quite successful. Can't wait to see the next five! (I'll be using an Android phone to post live updates from the Shuttle launch and will be visiting Bill Gross' Idealab to get his thoughts on Google+ too).

Thanks for following and this is a fun experiment to be part of together.
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Great read: Find your old Google+ Posts!

Thanks +Peggy K ❤️

Here's one of my early ones... 😂

#GooglePlus #Posts #BlastFromThePast #1stGenPlusser
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Ohh... I'd love to dive the cenotes!
Diving in Mexico - Best Dive Sites

"The most famous diving area of Mexico, outside of Baja California, is the Yucatan peninsula.

The Cenotes along the Peninsula's Caribbean coast are a series of sinkholes connecting with flooded cave systems like Sistema dos Ojos. Fresh water floats above salt water.

The visibility can be fabulous with the sunlight shining down through the water..."

- SCUBA Travel

#Diving #Mexico #Scuba #Travel #ActiveHolidays
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The ‘Greatest Hoax’ Strikes Florida

Denying climate change doesn’t stop its devastating effects.

Learn more:

#Florida #ClimateChange #USA #Hurricane
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A blast from the past

I guess this must be one of my most popular posts... ❤️

Le sigh. Those were the good times.

#GooglePlus #GooglePlusRefugee #Flowers #Garden #Gardening #Posts
My Phlox Paniculata border

Hard work all summer but worth it!

#Summer #Flowerphotography #Finland #Gardening

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