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Social Media coach and Entrepreneur.
Social Media coach and Entrepreneur.

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Trump' speech to boy scouts

Check both screenshots.



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Great tip for easily saving a serial number via Google Keep!

h/t +Peggy K
Use Google Keep to get the text from an image

Have you ever wanted to get a serial number of of something but did not want to move your furniture all around to do it. Take your cell phone open Google Keep and take a photo. Then grab that text from the photo and there you have it.

Check out my video see how it is done!

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Political satire has a very low tolerance for bullshit

The news media takes things too seriously, when the facts are absurd or ridiculous...


#Comedians #Politics #Media #News

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How would you like to have your ear cleaned by a huge brown bear?

The shirt says "bait". 😅

Juuso bear is a celebrity in Finland: The biggest bear and an artist to boot! He paints. With his paws and tummy.

Watch a short video about the bears:

We visited the Kuusamo large carnivore center last week.

#Kuusamo #Finland #Rotokka #Bear #Wildlife 

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Wheelchair accessible nature spots

Finland has improved the access to many fishing and nature spots for handicapped people. 👍

#Wheelchair #Nature #Accessibility #Outdoors #NationalPark #Finland

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Very interesting and explains quite a lot

Watch on YouTube:

#Humans #HumanBehaviour #Facts #Science #Psychology

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Beneath Helsinki, Finns Prepare for Russian Threat

"Russia is planning its biggest military exercise in years, and its neighbor Finland is going underground.

A subterranean city beneath Helsinki forms a crucial line of defense for the capital. Finnish soldiers routinely train here, with a mission to keep Finland’s government running and city residents safe in a network that features more than 124 miles of tunnels, passageways and shelters.

Much of the network has been adapted over recent decades with defense in mind..."

Learn more:

#Finland #Helsinki #Hybridwars #Cyberattack

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Caravanning in Eastern Finland

We've been travelling for a week now. Cold, rain and sunshine: That's Finnish summer for you. :)

Thanks to my mobile wifi router I can work anywhere - when there's a connection.

Hope you enjoy the photos!

#Travel #Caravan #Finland #FinlandInYourStream #Rotokka #Suomi100 #Finland100 #Kotimaanmatkailu #Matkailuauto

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White nights

This is what the Midnight sun looks like on some nights...

#Lapland #Finland #Kainuu #Summer #Sunset #Sunrise #FinlandInYourStream #Photography

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