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New review confirms: Chiropractic care is great for low back pain
This week the Journal of the American Medical Association released a systematic review of 26 qualified studies to determine the efficacy of Spinal Manipulation Therapy for low back pain.  While not surprising to our office, we thought we'd let folks know th...

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Prolonged Sitting: Exercise does not mitigate health risks
It seems as though every day we see more studies being released on the health dangers of prolonged sitting.  These studies are revealing more and more the dangerous link between sedentary behaviors and health risks such as diabetes and obesity.  Because of ...

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Christmas lights and Carpal Tunnel
For the last few weeks folks around the country have been packing up and storing their holiday decorations.  As I coiled our lights carefully into their storage container, I was struck by how similar a non-functioning strand of Christmas lights is to the pa...

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New Year - New You: What resolution will really help?
Ever year in our office we see and hear the results of New Year Resolutions.  The injured shoulders from that new push to go to the gym, the sore backs from the new yoga class, and the new aches and pains adopted alongside a new hobby are all symptoms of re...

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Stress Relief Tips to help you at Work
Stress is a topic we know all too well in our office.  Many of our patients come to see us just to help handle the effects of workplace stress (or daily life stress), and one of our most popular Lunch and Learn topics is on the physical effects of stress an...

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Tips for a successful, stress-free December
December is a tricky month for health - the holidays see us disrupting our normal routines, both at home and at work.  Add in the special dose of stress the holidays add in other ways, and it can be easy to leave the month of December feeling much worse tha...

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Be Prepared: Auto Accident Checklist
Every year we have what we call "Car Accident Season".  It starts in the fall (when rain slick fallen leaves slip under tires), and ends with the first thaw of spring.  Between slippery leaves, slick ice and hazard concealing snow, in the fall and winter se...

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Tips for a Successful Fall: Raking leaves to avoid injury
Every fall we encounter people who have injured themselves fighting back against their tree's litter (leaves!). Follow these tips to avoid injuring yourself while raking leaves, and if it is too late to avoid this year, make sure to stop in for a free consu...

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Why Common isn’t the same as Normal
Common :   Adj. Occurring, found, or done often;
prevalent.   For example: "salt and
pepper are the two most common seasonings" Normal :   Adj.   Conforming
to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.   For example: "it's quite normal for puppies to bolt th...

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Acetaminophen - How this common pain killer can affect you before and during your pregnancy
Acetaminophen, also known commonly as Tylenol, is one of the most commonly used, and misused, drugs on the market today.  Because Acetaminophen can be found in many over the counter medications (like cough syrup) it is very easy to accidentally over dose yo...
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