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Grand Villa of St. Petersburg

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Grand Villa of St. Petersburg residents enjoy some of the monthly activities provided
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Perfect Fitness Apps for People Over 50

Are you feeling sedentary? Need to lose a few pounds? Put your smartphone to work! Using fitness apps on your smartphone can remind you to drink water, perform stretches, get up and move around and more! It's like having a fitness coach with you at all times. Plus it can be fun for you!
Check out the most helpful apps Next Avenue offers up to assist you in getting your health where you want it to be:
• My Fitness Pal - This is a free app for iOS and Android for those who want to drop some pounds. Your food intake and activities are recorded for you to hold yourself accountable. "With a food database of more than 5 million items and a barcode scanner, you can make the best choices at home, in the supermarket and in restaurants."
• Map My Walk - Walking is a great way to get in shape. It's as simple as putting your shoes on and downloading the free app. GPS is used to map your walking routes and will record the duration, distance, speed, elevation, and pace. Your calories burned will be calculated and a list is produced to track your progress.
• Pocket Yoga - Want to lower your blood pressure, ease stress, lose weight, and reduce back pain? Try yoga! This app provides a gentle way to start at home. "From a database of illustrations and videos that show you how to do more than 200 poses designed by certified yoga instructors, you can begin your personalized yoga practice — or move on to a more advanced level."
Learn about even more apps that can help you get in shape and feel better by reading this Next Avenue article here:
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5 Reasons Anger Is Connected to Alzheimer's

It's perhaps one of the most frustrating aspects of caregiving. After trying your best to help your aging loved one stay happy and healthy, you're reciprocated with anger. It's very common, especially with Alzheimer's disease and dementia patients. Yet there are reasons for this hostility and not entirely unfounded ones.
Health Central provides the possible source of your aging loved one's anger:
1. The loss of control. While there are large chunks of time in which these patients may not be lucid, the times they are can be saturated with confusion. They may be unsure how they got to where they are or more. The loss of control over one's life can cause many emotions and struggle.
2. Feeling like a child. After being on their own for decades and possibly raising a family of their own, they may feel like they are being treated like a child all over again. For caregivers, it's important to give respect and courtesy, despite their mental state.
3. Feeling subservient. At times, children of parents with Alzheimer's may lose their patience and spat out orders instead of being presented choices. Make them feel included with decision making and independent.
4. Body language. You may be giving off a pleasant tone, but your body may be sending signals of hostility. Remember, they are still the person you once knew and may detect when you're frustrated or don't want to be there.
5. Unable to understand. This last reason goes beyond dementia. If they are physically unable to hear you, understand your lingo, or frustrated at something such as technology being used instead of a traditional solution, anger is a natural reaction.
Think about what you would do if you were in this situation. You may be just as angry.
As you can see, while anger is extremely hard to handle as a caregiver, it can be a logical and understandable rebuttal to the environment they are in. You can help the both of you by creating a positive and loving environment. Of course, sometimes all of these suggestions are already in place, and there may still be some anger. Just realize that this is one of the hardest parts of caregiving to the elderly, but deep inside they truly do appreciate your efforts.
For more information, check out Health Central
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7 Activities That Hurt Our Immune Systems

Our immune system helps us fight back against disease and illness. As we get older, it's more important than ever to maintain strong immunity through eating right, exercise, and overall healthy living. However, certain bad habits and situations can actually damage our immune system without us even realizing.
Care 2 offers us the seven worst habits that many of us are guilty of on a daily basis that could affect our system in a negative fashion:

1. Smoking. No medical professional believes that cigarettes offer any health benefit at all. However, alongside causing lung cancer and heart problems, cigarettes can also lower our immune systems.

2. Excessive Alcohol. Many of us like to have a drink every now and again. In certain cases, it may even be beneficial to our health, such as the occasional glass of red wine. However, excessive drinking can hit our immune system hard because it suppresses the ability of white blood cells to multiply.

3. Insufficient Sleep. Everybody needs rest. There's no way around it. When someone pushes their body too far without some form of rejuvenation, your immune system will be one of the first items to suffer.

4. Stress. Yes, everyone has stress. But constant anxiety and worry have a tendency to attack your immune system. Remember, for the sake of your health, try and keep calm, cool, and collected, even during stressful times.

5. Junk Food. Sugary sweets may make your taste buds feel better, but just like alcohol, they have the capacity to stunt white cell count growth, which will affect your immune system.

6. Excessive exercising. You read that right. Too little exercise will affect your immune system, as will extreme exercising. Yet a moderate amount of physical activity can actually boost it.

7. Isolation. While being around people that are sick will definitely give your immune system a fight for its money, the anxiety that comes with isolating yourself from friends and family can be just as detrimental.

Your immune system needs your help so it can help you! Stay away from these vices and activities so you can be healthy throughout flu season and all year long.

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5 Coping Tips for the Sandwich Generation

The sandwich generation is comprised of those who have the responsibility of being a caregiver for their aging parent and raising their children. As you could imagine, this tends to cause some stress. It's hard to comprehend just how much without being in this situation yourself. Thankfully, these caring people are not alone. provides the following coping solutions for the sandwich generation.
• Stay Organized. Maintaining a chaotic schedule is difficult, particularly when you are trying to juggle doctor appointments for your parents and soccer practice for the kids. Stay as organized as possible, and it will be a huge help.
• Share the Load. Utilize your support system. Unfortunately, you are not a super hero. You need help getting everything done in time and other family members can step in to help caregiving and parenting.
• Let Go of the Small Things. "Chose your battles" has never been as relevant than it is now. You could choose to add a ton of stress to your life by worrying about the small things or arguing over small issues. Or, you could decide to keep calm and let the small things pass without fighting.
• Live in the Moment. Finally, while being both a caregiver and parent can prove to be extraordinarily difficult, enjoy the moment. Take time to appreciate the day you have and the time you have with your loved ones.
Being a member of the sandwich generation is both an honor and a huge responsibility. The above tips will help you maintain calmness and order while you are doing so much for your family. And of course, be patient with yourself. This is not an easy position, but you can do it!
For more information, check out
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Essential Hacks for Restful Sleep

For many, sleep can very well be elusive. Night after night of waking up sweaty, tossing and turning, and anxious thoughts about the day ahead can lead to a seemingly everlasting exhaustive state.
Thankfully, there are a ton of tips for getting a better night's rest. Take a look below for a short list of sleep hacks compiled by CNN.
• Set an alarm reminding you to hit the hay. Late at night when you're vegging out with the TV on, this alarm will remind you to hit the bed instead of watching another episode of Friends. This is a fantastic way to develop habit promoting eight hours of sleep.
• Don't drink too much before bed. Yes, a nightcap can assist you with falling asleep but studies show ingesting too much alcohol before bed will have you waking up way before you want to and not being able to return to sleep!
• Keep your room dark and cold. Seal up light sources and lower the AC or turn a fan on for a better night's rest.
• Start shutting yourself down an hour before bedtime. Lights and noise trigger the brain to be alert Shut devices and all other gadgets off 60 minutes before you want to sleep for an opposite effect.
• Get regular exercise. Even just adding 30 of minutes of vigorous activity to your day can help you rest better.
• Invest in a good mattress. A subpar mattress can be the biggest issue causing sleep issues. Consider investing in a new mattress that fits you.

You can have a better night's rest and feel well! Read the entire CNN article here for more tips and tricks on sleeping soundly.
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