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Maya Spector
Poet, storyteller, SoulCollage® facilitator
Poet, storyteller, SoulCollage® facilitator

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Rising Up Rooted
Some time back my friend Jane turned me on to Sharon
Blackie’s If Women Rose Rooted .   If you don’t know it (and especially if
you’re of Celtic descent) you might want to get a hold of it.   It’s full of stories, both personal and
mythic, all on the theme ...

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The sapling sprouts on a slope above a large rock. As it grows, very slowly, over years and decades, it sinks roots down, over and around the cold, gray stone. Some take the easiest path, plunging straight down into the topsoil. Others must stretch around t...

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We Need Each Other Now
Preparing for tonight's salon, I can't help but notice that most of the poems moving me right now are deep and dark.  I've been wandering around an area of the underworld that I've been calling the doldrums.   Well, it is the dark of the year, Mercury is st...

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Finally, the Water
Here is what it comes down to – None of it makes sense. None of it. Why do we try, then, to figure it out? It is hard to sit confounded, to realize that it is all Mystery. It isn’t that Mystery is present. It is all Mystery -    These trees, this water, the...

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Birth Pains
As if there aren’t enough goddesses at work in my psyche,
now I’ve been given Athena.   I
accept.   Persephone, Demeter, Hecate,
Hestia, and now Athena.   (Oh, and some
conversations with Kali, too, but that’s another pantheon.) I’ve been wanting to write a...

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Family Dinner
A new poem.  Don't let the innocuous title mislead you; this is not an easy poem.  The theme will not be unfamiliar, though, if you've been reading this blog or know me at all. Last night, family dinner –             filet of
sole with lemon,             fr...

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Reflections on the Intensive
All week I've been wanting to write about the Healers' Intensive with Deena Metzger, partly for my friends who may be interested, but also so that I can begin to integrate everything that transpired.  But the intensive was so intense, in so many ways, that ...

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The Questions We Carry
I am preparing to go to Topanga Canyon for my second Healers' Intensive with Deena Metzger.  She has asked each of us to prepare a 3-minute introduction about the questions we are carrying and about why we were called to be there.  I'm glad she asked; I've ...

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The Invitation to Become Grand
Ruby turned six today.   My first grandchild.   Naturally, I've been remembering the day she was born.   All four grandparents-to-be were hanging out all week at a Berkeley bed
and breakfast; Emily’s waters had broken and she didn’t go into actual
labor for...

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I went to a workshop yesterday called The Heroine’s
Journey:   Create Your Own
Mythic Story with Margaret Jones.   It was a lot of fun and quite
insightful.   The idea was that each participant would create a character and, with her (or as her), embark on a...
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