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Basant Narayan Singh
A lazy curious learner
A lazy curious learner

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Package Crypto - SHA256 Hash Algorithm Example
The Go package crypto/sha256  produces hexadecimal cryptographic hash (digest) of a message. You can play with the examples shared here and check the output in Go Playground, links shared below corresponding code snippets. Let us see a working example: Play...

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Go Channels for Absolute Beginners
Read Concurrency Parallelism and Goroutines for Beginners   before you proceed further. CodeRef# 1 package main import "fmt" func main() {

fmt.Println( "A message from main function" ) go fmt.Println( "A message from goroutine" )

} What do you th...

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How the Cloud is Powering New Innovations
Its official - cloud computing is the future way of life, whether
it’s for pleasure or for business. Cloud computing has been in development for
some time now, and has more than proved its potential in the tech industry.
Soon cloud computing will be a part ...

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Find Number of CPU Cores in Your Machine
How many CPU cores does your machine have?  Here's a screenshot of my machine. It's showing 4 physical cores & 8 Logical Processors . Why Cores are Important? More cores are usually associated with better performance. From Go 1.5 onward, by default, Go prog...

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Go Code to Find GCD / HCF of Two or More Integers
In mathematics, the greatest common divisor (GCD) of two or more integers, when at least one of them is not zero, is the largest positive integer that divides the numbers without a remainder.                                                                  ...

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Check if a String is Palindrome in Go
The best way to learn a new computer language is by solving puzzles, games & code challenges. It's so much fun apart from the satisfaction you get once you crack them! Solving puzzles can push your language skills to the next level apart from improving your...

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Concurrency Parallelism and Goroutines for Beginners
In the world around us many unplanned activities or planned events happen simultaneously and often independent of each other.  While reading this, you may receive a phone call and while still on the call you might receive  a few push notifications on your m...

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Go Interfaces for Absolute Beginners
The concept of Interfaces and its practical implementation may be rather daunting for beginners. It may require immense time and patience to assimilate the idea of interfaces. Interfaces are an abstraction that helps you to achieve the following objectives ...

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Deploying Go on Google App Engine
Why GAE? For the uninitiated, Google App Engine (GAE) is a PaaS (Platform as a Service). By deploying your app here, you get the following 2 immediate benefits: No servers for you to maintain. Easy to scale as your traffic & data storage needs change. GAE  ...

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Sleep Function in Go
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