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Saving the economy: one cocktail bar at a time...
Saving the economy: one cocktail bar at a time...

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The show must go on.
Yesterday I was sitting in a tavern on Park Avenue enjoying a drink or two and reflecting on what had been a pretty good day. And then my world imploded. I received a message at 17:26 that opened with “I regret to inform you…”. Five words to strike dread in...

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Packing       /ˈpakɪŋ/              noun             the action or process of packing something.             "she finished her packing” As opposed to packed. Which seems frightfully final. I’d made a list which was good, right? And this list had stopped mor...

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The last day
The trouble with sitting looking at beautiful places knowing that soon you’ll have to return to the tedium of reality is it makes you reflect on your life. I’ve really screwed things up royally. Royally doesn’t really cover it to be honest. But you get the ...

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Pas de gâteau
On the bright side today I had a plan. Of sorts. I’ve been thinking about this for some time, the details were inevitably sketchy but they involved watching the sun rise over the Adriatic, breakfast at Florian, lunch at Harry’s Bar and dinner? Well I’d let ...

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Clueless in Venezia
Now there’s a familiar noise. Roooooaaaar. Whoosh. Roarrrrr. Whoosh. Whoosh. Roar. Whoosh. Silence. I must be in Venice. The hotel is near a junction and it’s a bit of a struggle for the delivery boats to get around the corner, to do it they stick the bow a...

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The Great Escape
Those that know me well know I have a great dislike of birthdays, there are a myriad of reasons and after some thought I’ve decided against listing them here and now. Why, well it’s being covered before with those that I wish to share these with but more im...

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Let there be cake
<native Geordie accent on> It's day five in the Contrary household. By some miracle both of the contrarians are awake and bouncing with energy and ignoring the fact that the heavens have decided to open. The challenge today is to go to church and avoid bein...

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Day four. So having got in at oh-deary-me o’clock what the hell was I doing awake so early. Let’s face it if you’ve read the previous instalment you’ll know I was in bed perilously late though with my virtue inevitably intact. I’m good like that. As the par...

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Dancing with tears in my eyes
yawn Which idiot decided this was a good idea? The plan today had been set as visit the market, have breakfast, go for a walk around the coast heading South to see how far we could get, nap, swim, cook and finally go out for a little dancing. What could p...

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Let them eat burek
Thursday I woke bright eyed and bushy tailed to the gentle sound of some child shouting. A lot. It seemed just like old times when I received a message saying simply “tea?”. What a marvellous idea. I had a bit of a chuckle as I remembered the evening before...
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