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Trying out this new Spotify thing. Like it so far. Anyone else have it? Thoughts?
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How does it work? Monthly fee to stream?
You just download the program and start playing! Really easy. Search for pretty much any song you wanna hear and play it. It's free, but plays an ad every few songs I think. Premium version is ad-free. 
Interesting. I don't think I'm ready to give up my iTunes yet.
The cool thing is it brings in all the music from iTunes so you have them all in one place. I hear you, though. iTunes is my favorite place to listen to music.
Gotcha. I think because I'm an impulse iTunes shopper pandora never had a purpose for me. It's decided - I'm sticking with shuffle mode!
Nice. I'll bet you're glad iTunes now plays 60-second previews instead of 30 secs.
I am! Some are half the song. Hooray!
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