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What is a Linear Actuator?
Quite simply, a linear actuator is a device that moves a load in a straight line. Linear actuators come in many styles and configurations – our blog post today covers those actuators associated with motion control.
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Go big with the TMC5160 controller/driver IC

This single-axis stepper motor driver IC with serial communication interfaces is developed for 2-phase bipolar stepper motors with external MOSFETs for up to 20A motor current per coil.

"It successfully combines our technological innovations into a single device that achieves a new maximum for motor voltage and current specs with external N-channel MOSFETs,” explains Michael Randt, Founder and CEO of Trinamic."Ease-of-use was the guideline for our designers, as well as cost efficiency. By integrating a powerful stepper motor driver and a dedicated motion controller in one single chip, the TMC5160 directly transforms digital information into physical motion that’s smooth, precise and reliable."

In fact, it’s so easy to use that you only need the target positions. All stepper motor logic takes place within the TMC5160 itself – there’s no need for software when driving NEMA17 up to NEMA34 and bigger motors. Connected to a host microcontroller through an industry standard SPI or step/direction interface, the TMC5160 performs all real-time position and velocity stepper motion calculations.

Extending the TMC2100, TMC2130, and TMC5130 family to higher voltages and motor currents, the chip packs the company’s successful SpreadCycle™, StealthChop™ and SixPoint™ technologies for microstepping with up to 256 microsteps per full step, silent operation and an advanced ramp generation profile maxing out the motor’s torque characteristics for rapid positioning. Designed for CNC machines, textile machines, lab automation, factory automation and other domains using powerful motors where smooth, quiet and precise motion is required.

To minimize the application development time, Trinamic provides the comprehensive application development package TTAP which includes code examples, EDA libraries, and reference designs. Fast evaluation is realized using Trinamic’s intuitive PC-based software TMCL-IDE and the modular evaluation kit.

The TMC5160-TA, evaluation board (TMC5160-EVAL), evaluation kit (TMC5160-EVAL-KIT) and a breakout board (TMC5160-BOB) is available now. For more information on Trinamic products contact Micromech on 01376 333333 or
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Electrak HD is the next generation of electric linear actuators from Thomson - Available with Higher Load Capacity and Synchronization Option

Electrak® HD – Smarter, Stronger, Longer

The Electrak HD is a new range of electric linear actuators with onboard electronics, eliminating the need for standalone controls. These new higher power actuators are open to a wider range of hydraulic applications for electric conversion. They also meet the most extreme OEM component environmental acceptance tests, including IP69K.

The Electrak HD offers 50% higher load capacity, 60% longer stroke lengths than previous designs and is faster than the competition at comparable loads. In addition the onboard controls boast advanced control features.
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A Simple Guide to Benefits of Electromechanical Technology

Article Posted by Parker's Electromechanical Team on Thursday, February 15, 2018, on the Parker Motion & Control Technology Blog

Linear actuators are typically grouped into two principal types: fluid power actuators that operate on differential pressure, and electromechanical actuators driven by an electric motor. Increasingly, electromechanical solutions are providing an attractive alternative to hydraulics in a wide and diverse array of automation systems.

Electromechanical systems offer:

- Simpler and smaller installation
- Greater flexibility
- Quieter positioning and torque control
- Lower energy costs
- Less maintenance
- Potential to provide more ATEX-rated solutions for use in explosive environments
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Meet BOB - The easy to use breakout boards shortening your time to market.

Trinamic Motion Control understand that time is a precious resource. Especially with technology, it’s important to drive the industry by reducing your time to market. That’s why they’re rolling out open source BOBs for our chips transforming digital information into physical motion.

From now on, one single, easy to use electrical component is everything needed for rapid prototyping – you no longer have to worry about building a final design or soldering SMD components before testing a prototype. The BOBs can be used on a breadboard or with flying wires, as all sensitive signals such as sense lines are routed on the BOBs themselves.

The breakout boards are for anyone who needs a physical prototype fast, in order to have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). BOB has everything you need to use the component, such as sense resistors, buffer capacitors and, in some cases, even power MOSFETs or Ethernet connectors.

Trinamic's Technology Access Package (TTAP) provides the user with a sample code and API for each of the chips found on the BOBs. The comprehensive collection of technical support information and tools for Trinamic's motor and motion control ICs found in TTAP not only simplify the (physical) design-in and bring-up, it also speeds up firmware development. All this can be transferred to a microcontroller or used with one of the Arduino samples - minimizing the time needed for prototyping.

All Trinamic BOBs are open source hardware, with a permissive license. If the design works for you, just take the design and paste it into your board design. Or simply copy the schematics – whatever best works for you.

Whether you’re an enthusiast tinkering away, a startup realizing its first MVP, or an international company creating the next groundbreaking application. Building, testing and reiterating your MVP doesn’t have to take long with Trinamic's BOBs.

The BOBs will be rolled-out for all Trinamic motor and motion control ICs, with the following immediately available through distribution:


For more information on Trinamic products contact Micromech on 01376 333333 or
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Nippon Pulse SLP and SCR Linear Shaft Motor Stages

Nippon Pulse offers two types of linear stages – Acculine SLP stages and Nanopositioning SCR stages – both of which are high-precision, single-axis linear stages. Both include an integrated Linear Shaft Motor and encoder offering different levels of precision. Both types of stage are ideal for small-scale applications or applications with space limitations, due to their compact size. They both provide the speed and performance expected of linear servo stages.
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Select the Best Sealing and Shielding for Linear Mechanics in Harsh Environments

Article Posted by Electromechanical Team on Thursday, January 25, 2018, on the Parker Motion & Control Technology Blog
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ISEL driven linear actuators, the ideal cost effective solution to reliable and precise linear motion….German engineering available from Micromech.

ISEL provides a wide range of mechanical and electronic motion control products suitable for new machine builds and upgrade projects for both OEMs and end users.,-the-ideal-cost-effective-solution-to-reliable-and-precise-linear-motion%E2%80%A6.German-engineering-available-from-Micromech.
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SP plus and TP plus low backlash planetary gearheads

Higher output torques and maximum speeds with a larger range of ratios - these are the essential improvements featured in the new SP plus and TP plus low-backlash planetary gearboxes from Wittenstein.

The gearboxes offer increased power density which enables optimal utilisation of the motor's capacity and hence even more dynamic processes. The outcome is shorter machine cycle times and higher productivity. What's more, the expected life can now be taken into account for the first time when designing the gearboxes. This customising option helps Wittenstein stand out from the market standard and creates a unique selling point for the SP plus and TP plus planetary gearheads.

Advanced Linear Systems with SP plus and TP plus planetary gearboxes are adequate for mid-range to high requirements. They are excellent value for money and can also be combined with the High Torque and High Speed gearhead variants.

All linear systems with a rack and pinion have been completely re-engineered and made adaptable to each customer's specific requirements in terms of smooth running, positioning accuracy and feed forces. Thanks to the new linear systems, Wittenstein now provides solutions for all axes. Preferred linear systems - available for all classes and with different output ratings - speed up the selection process and are always comprised of a gearhead, rack, pinion and lubrication system in an ideal combination. Preferred linear systems can be configured with INIRA® - the simple, fast and efficient assembly option for racks and with Cymex® 5, the sizing software, configuring the linear systems is even easier.

For more information regarding Wittenstein products contact Sales on 01376 333333 or at

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