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Got this from +Darlu Littledeer.
The main aspect of the attached paper is not the fact of the defunding (some 300 Milion USD) but that KLP in the paper states that they respects the importance of ethical behavior when doing deals and canceling out deals with companies which may violate or even support the violation of human rights.

"KLP has decided to exclude Energy Transfer Partners ("ETP"), Enbridge Energy Partners, Phillips 66 and Marathon Petroleum from investments by KLP and the KLP Mutual funds (‘KLP’) as of 13 March 2017 due to an unacceptable risk of contributing to serious or systematic human rights violations."

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A link to a document which makes clear about the costs on opressing Standing Rock, the amount  and type of weapons.
And who wonders, AR-15 Rifles!
Do you remember the guy they tried to push back?
And the Water Protector was accused of a felony?
That guy had an AR-15.
Think about that.

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i like that

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Let's support him

In the US the are doing fracking (they also try in Europe/Germany) and are building pipelines.
Britain starts to dismantle their oil platforms because the wells are empty and the oil price is so low, that the oil extraction is not worth it.
For years oil companies have made billions in oil production, now that they have to decommission, they cry for the "help of the tax payers," because these poor bastards cannot afford to do what they are obliged to.

Germany forces their companies to build financial securities of "several 100m €", which is good, but for sure to low an amount.
The tax payer will also have to serve here as else where.
So much for "Big Oil", ruthless, greedy, irresponsible.
If things would go correctly, the top managers would have to pay for all of this unto their social lowest bearable income is reached.
In Germany this is 450€/month.
But theses guys always earn more, for each error they make, so it seems.

Cixin Liu

"....war is an inevitable result of totalitarian politics!"

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Finaly, someone voiced word by word what I am thinking about the situation in the US.
Consider yourself being a refugee in the not so far future!
This is not a nightmare, this is the nightmarish REALITY!
Wake up folks!

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The protocol of an arrest at Standing Rock

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Last Night in Oceti Sacowin/Oyate Camp.
Fire and Harmony and good mood inspite of the impending raid.
Die letzte Nacht im Oceti Sacowin/Oyate Camp.
Feuerstimmung und gute Laune, trotz der drohenden Räumung.
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