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Very cool buildings + Books = Nice Eye Candy. The curated list is nice in that it includes both very modern and traditional aesthetics.
The library in Bristol is breathtaking, as is the Angelica in Rome and the Connmara The Rijksmuseum along with the Royal Portuguese Reading Room are the quintessential libraries that dreams are made o...
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I've always been fascinated by libraries, on many levels.
+Benjamin So Yes that's one of my favorite, too. I really love the clean lines. It offeres some relief from monotony and severity through the curves, when compared to Stuttgart. That one is beautiful, but also very clinical and austere, which is not what I typically associates with books.

I also find the simplicity of the Bangkok one very endearing. The small space gives off a sense of communal sharing and intimacy.

I wish, though, that they had shown more of the exterior in terms of the relation of the library building to the surrounding buildings. The Seattle one, for instance, is really cool, but I see its placement and it is very jarring, which I find very distracting.
+Billy Hung Valid point about showing the buildings in their local context. Even though the classical interiors (like Bristol, Richelieu and Rijksmuseum) appeal, my preference is still for the austere. And as always, the Scandinavians (ok, Finns as well) and the Japanese do this the best.
I have to agree with +Billy Hung and +Benjamin So on Vennesla. Scandinavians really do have a knack for simple, elegant designs. I like Japanese design for the same reason, though the Kanazawa Umimirai library seems a little stark. Maybe it's the overuse of white.

The Royal Portuguese Reading Room in Rio de Janeiro is steeped in history. You can almost smell the old book smell, can't you?
This is brilliant! Our national library is not that pretty, but it does have beautiful stained glass and a wonderful view.
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