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My Mother-Daughter Book Club Idea
Not strictly library-related, but I had an interesting book-related project that I thought I would share. For some background on me, I moved to Seattle, WA from Dallas, TX a year and a half ago. My parents still live in Texas and the separation has been pre...

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Amazon Books: Not a Community Library Experience
Amazon opened a physical bookstore in Seattle called Amazon Books. It's kind of weird. As I scanned my Twitter feed, I was really irked when I saw the clickbaity Atlantic headline: Did Amazon Just Replace the Public Library?   Because the obvious answer is ...

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Story Time Detour - Everett Public Library
Instead of visiting a local story time, I filled in as a substitute librarian today to do a Toddler Time. I had the honor of filling in for the fabulous Ms. Andrea at the Everett Public Library for her Wednesday Toddler Storytime. Since I know that story ti...

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Ultimate Library Road Trip - US
I had a friend of mine recently say to me: “Wouldn’t it be cool to go on a road trip to visit a bunch of awesome libraries?” Why, yes. Yes it would be cool. I started to think about what that would look like and a map started to slowly form in my head. Of c...

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Library Profile (plus a bookstore) - Lake Forest Park and Third Place Books
I came across the Lake Forest Park Library (a King County Library in Lake Forest Park, WA) quite on accident. I was visiting the amazing Third Place Books, when I discovered the library downstairs. It occurred to me that it had been a while since I made a p...

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Weeding the Collection - Advice and Feedback Please!
Weeding a library's collection is always a source of contention. Always. I was once weeding YA books that had water damage. A teen saw me tossing the destroyed innards into the recycling and she actually make a high pitched scream as though I had murdered h...

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Babies & Books - Baby Story Time Planning
Hello all! I've been planning my first Baby Story Time and wanted to share what I put together and how it went. If you have suggestions or ideas, I am all ears! Otherwise, I hope this helps anyone else starting out. I put a limit on the program to 10 so tha...

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Bilingual Story Time - Cinco de Mayo
The other day I did my first Preschool Story Time at my new library. I decided to do a Cinco de Mayo theme. Mostly, I wanted to make the story time bilingual. I am not fluent in Spanish, but know a few phrases. I made sure to double check pronunciations and...

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A Crazy New Adventure
It's been a while since my last post because I have been preparing to move to Oregon. I got a job as the Youth Services Coordinator for The Dalles-Wasco County library. This is an amazing opportunity and I am excited to start working in my new community. Th...

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Seattle Story Time Tour - Ballard Branch
Branch: Ballard Storyteller: Ms. Claire Age/Type: Baby  This post is a little late in coming, but I went to the Ballard Branch last week and observed a Baby Story Time. It was fantastic! And a nice change of pace.  When I enter the meeting room at the Balla...
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