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With all the choices available to us for countertops these days it can be hard to know what the best one is for your home.

+Home Destination: Real Estate broke it down for us to make it easier.

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Kitchen remodeling is the focus of most home improvement projects; and little carries as much impact as your choice in which material you use for your kitchen counter tops. Here is our list of 10 top kitchen counter top materials available, including many pros and cons.

1. The Quartz Kitchen Counter-top Option

One viable choice comes from a variety of engineered stone counter top made from quartz, or to be precise, 93 percent quartz. Quartz is an abundant and inexpensive gemstone, and it makes an ideal counter top in many ways. The art of grinding quartz with coloring pigment and a binding agent produces a durable kitchen counter-top for households who are seeking alternative to granite. Quartz is recognized by for its built-in anti-microbial protection that inhibits growth of unwanted odor-causing bacteria, mildew and mold. 

2. Bamboo Kitchen Counter-top

Bamboo is a natural fast-growing reed that many find to be an excellent choice for a kitchen. Sheets of bamboo plywood are changed by manufacturers to create bamboo counter-tops. To push out thicker, quality counter-tops, multiple bamboo sheets are compressed and glued together. Bamboo counter-tops have a maintenance regime that must be properly maintained. Use an ammonia free cleaning products mixed with warm water.

3. Butcher Block Counter Tops for a Period Look Home

For a period look home or a cottage home renovation, butcher block may be the right selection for counter tops. Butcher block counter tops are laminated together with waterproof glue, yet once in a odd time, a slight separation of a joint may make the wood surface is exposed to water. If opting to go ahead with butcher-block, consider an over mount sink with a standard bead of silicone under the edge for a better seal. Butcher block counter tops are best with a sealant applied on top.

4. Pewter Kitchen Counter Tops

This selection is softer than stainless, so it will show nicks and dents. Pewter counter tops can soften a kitchen with an elegant look when married to darker wood cabinets like walnut or a deep cherry and a limestone back-splash. Popular in green kitchen home remodeling trends, pewter counter tops have a "living finish" that will "age" over time by certain elements that will either remove or add to its patina. Acidic items such as lemon and tomato juice, some metal polishes, and other harsh home cleaners may damage its patina. Pewter is regarded as a reactive metal; some homeowners love the look of how its patina changes and develops over time.

5. Homeowners Who Love Marble Counter Tops

A clean, cheerful look of brilliant white, elegance and longevity can be gained by installing a marble kitchen counter. For light filled homes where the kitchen opens directly into a formal dining room, the formality of both works complementary. Marble can be bought at a lower price than other natural, hard-wearing counter-top materials. Depending on the type of marble chosen, it may be a better cost than granite, and more so than quartz and stainless steel counter tops. Marble's unique and exquisite color variations, hard-wearing, and easy-cleaning features are it advantages. The disadvantages include that fact that marble is softer and more porous than the nearly indestructible granite; meaning that it may etch scratch and stain.

6. Upgrading to the Contemporary Look of a Stainless Steel Counter Top

Stainless steel kitchen counters are becoming more popular in "trendy" home designs. Some of the advantages of installing a stainless steel kitchen counter are: they are popular with many Millennial home buyers who seek a contemporary kitchen. They create a sleek and well defined kitchen plan. Makers of them boast that they are more durable than any other version of kitchen counters. Under typical household use, most homeowners find they deal little with staining and troubling water spots.

7. Terrazzo counter tops would consist of marble, crushed stone and/or glass set in a cement or epoxy substrate that is buffed to a smooth finish. Some of the positive reasons to choose Terrazzo for your next kitchen counter top are: its posh looking, unique, very durable, easy maintenance, and customizable to suit your home décor. It is also great to use for kitchen floor tile or back splash areas. Some of the negative aspects of Terrazzo are that it is harder to install, typically requiring the skills of a home builder or a professional contractor.

8. Cost Value of Concrete Counter Tops

Concrete can be created into custom forms right in the home and dyed almost any color or a blended look obtained quite easily. The toxicity of the dyes used can be a concern. Also, the grinding of concrete during installation can generate large quantities of Concrete counters require routine care and should be sealed periodically to limit stains, water damage, and bacterial growth. Since heat can damage the seal, hot pans and containers must be placed on protective elements; concrete counter tops need to be treated well and take time to keep up.

9. Solid-Surface Counter tops

Made from petroleum-based products, solid-surface counter-tops are not on some home builders recommended list from an environmental point of view. Green Home Guide's advice for counter top selection does affirm a few solid-surface brands that are made out of recycled plastic. Other say that, "Recycled plastic surfaces are typically quite long lasting, resist moisture and do not off gas [volatile organic compounds] -- but they burn easily, can be scratched and may warp, which is helpful to know as you read on how to choose the right kitchen counter top for your home.

10. Granite Counter-top

Granite counter-tops are so durable that they may out last the lifetime of a home. For those who seek a unique home decor, granite is great because each portion of granite is uniquely crafted by the handiwork of nature itself. Granite counter tops run on the pricey end, though its possible to find an end piece or two of sufficient size. Granite may be purchased in a range of 3000 plus colors. Advantages include how it looks permanent and substantial, is almost maintenance-free and is very antibacterial for cooking use. Many home designers recommend granite counter tops for its high value to luxury home buyers in neighborhoods that can carry it.

There are many more choices and things to consider before choosing which kitchen counter top material to use when remodeling your home.

Read more.

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Great infographic from +Jaime Westman on 2nd Mortgages and Reverse Mortgages... often these options seem like a great deal and can help you with the release of funds in the short-term, but you may not now some of the cons listed here.

Thanks Jaime! Great information!

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Second Mortgages and Reverse Mortgages both serve their own unique purposes, but have a lot of drawbacks that are usually not worth the risk. Both options usually come years after regular payments have been made on the primary mortgage.

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Now that's what I call a kitchen.  What would your dream kitchen look like? 

If you're preparing to sell your home the kitchen seems to be one of the go-to places to spruce things up.

#dreamkitchen   #kitchenideas  
This Kitchen Can Sell a House
It has all the ingredients that I like:
High ceilings
Lots of natural lighting
Window arches
Comfortable dining seats
Huge floor tiles

What else could you want?!

Visit us at for "All Real Estate Info".

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Home Staging tips - Let's talk pillows

Tip #1 – You Can NEVER Have Enough Pillows, so Go Big!
Not sure I agree, but hey - that couch does look pretty good!

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