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My capsule review of Gloomhaven:
A game so good that my once a week gaming group just met two days in a row to play it more. (And that's the second week in a row we've doubled our usual session count for it, at that.)

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My brand new Kickstarter copy of Gloomhaven, here pictured with my 6 quart slow cooker as impromptu size reference. Because holy crap this thing is enormous!

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So, Google is straight up lying when they say you will find all the same stuff in the new version of Google+. It dropped Hangouts entirely, as far as I can tell. (And their settings invites you to switch back to classic Google+ if you can't find a setting you're looking for so hey, they know they're lying!). It's probably got some improvements somewhere (not that I noticed any in my brief sojourn with it), but integrated Hangouts was like...80 percent of my reason for even logging into Plus. So shame on Google for taking it away and for intimating that classic G+ is on its way out entirely. Of course, they've done this before. Google Talk was infinitely more useful for my purposes than Hangouts, and oops, end of lifed so hard I can't even use my installed version anymore. :P

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Forbidden Stars set up for a three player pilot run tomorrow night (and bonus stack of Galaxy Defenders just to awe my friends with its majesty). Super excited.

Given that Failbetter is removing Nex spending from StoryNexus (if not Fallen London), what does this mean for Below, both in terms of the existing Nex-locked content and in terms of funding further development? I confess I haven't picked up the current Nex-locked stuff because I was a) waiting for it to come out of beta and b) waiting until I felt like I wanted to drop $50 on Nex (since you get so much more if you spend big instead of buying little bits at a time), which hasn't happened yet as the other StoryNexus projects I cared about seem mostly to have stalled and although Fallen London is as ever an amazing achievement, I'm at a point where I have no idea what to do in order to get any more story and so am not playing that. But I would love to see more Below, and would cheerfully contribute to, say, a Patreon. Or another Kickstarter. Or...I dunno. Some other funding route.

Well, my copy of Dungeon Lords: Happy Anniversary arrived. Or, I should say, my Happy Anniversary box with the handful of miniexpansions and KS extras arrived. Turns out that I misread the Ooze tier. I was under the impression that for $55 I would be getting more than a box and a few components - I thought I would be getting the expansion, Festival Season. I already owned the base game so I felt like the full package at the $80 tier would be redundant. But nope! No expansion. And it turns out that buying the expansion separately ($32) cost more than it would have cost to just bump up to the $80 tier and get my redundant copy of the base game. :(

Live and learn, I guess. I want to be upset with CGE but I can't really be. My incorrect reading of the reward tiers is entirely on me.

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+Vincent Baker running a game of Apocalypse World for +John Harper +Paul Riddle  +Shannon Riddle  and +Ryan Dunleavy 

Part two (as well as sessions of Jason Morningstar doing Fiasco, Vincent running Dogs in the Vineyard, and a few others) can be found by clicking through to the HostileWorkEnv channel. Pretty neat stuff. I always enjoy seeing how people approach these games, but I find it particularly fascinating to see how they're run by the game's creator.

Why does G+ force me to click to expand every single post and comment on my 24" widescreen monitor on my PC, and just naturally present the entire uncondensed dialogue on my 5" phone screen? :P
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