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If that hope is blind, An article by Chandrika Kuntay
He is my schoolmate. I had a crush on him in my teen age.
Every day in class I stalk him for no reason. I see him daily, if I didn’t find
him I search for him. I dream about him in the classroom. But, I fear to talk
to him and whenever I faces him I go numb...

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An Ugly Love Story, by HAC. Chapter-10
“She is becoming unconscious,”
said the Nurse. He passed the medicines to her and went to his grandmother. She
was still sobbing. He told her that Ruhi’s gonna be okay and she didn’t need to
cry. He knew that he was
lying, but he couldn’t tell the truth. Hi...

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If, A Poem by Ertiqua Haque
If… If I
could have pulled my emotions off I
would have drawn to the opposite sigh of failure..                                                        
If I could have made my heart understand…                                               I
would have lear...

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Lessons for Life, A Poem by Aastha Kochar
That very moment when we, as a child, were born, Life brought to us a lifelong irritating horn No matter how hard we try to throw it away, It gets even louder with the years passing away It does not mean that this is all that life has to say, There are lot ...

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Womb, A very Short Story, by Himanshu Appie Chhabra
"My arm is paining?" It was 11:30 in the clock and they were about to sleep. Her head was resting on his arm. It was a giant bed, yet they chose the nearest place to each other. "You cannot remove it," She was half asleep. She held his other hand and put it...

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An Ugly Love Story, by HAC. Chapter-9
It wasn’t easy for both
of them to live life that way. Arjun’s family loved him, but his own family
forced him to leave them alone. The only justification they gave him was- Think
of your sister, who will marry her? He was emotionally forced to leave the

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Circle of Love is Never Ending. .....The last one
Circle of Love is Never Ending. .....The last one Slowly
and steadily, life crawled back to normal. They accepted it and went
with the flow. Although it does lost some meaning. Aarush and Priya,
neither of them ever tried contacting eachother since that ...

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Circle of Love is Never Ending. ...Chapter 13
Circle   of   Love  is Never Ending. ......Chapter 13 It's been one month,
they haven't met eachother. Aarush was very anxious about today. He was nervous
as after what he behaved with Priya, he knew she is very hurt and have no idea
how she is gonna react....

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