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Product Profile – TGA Vita 4, Ex Hire- £1,300*

If you are looking for style, performance and value, you cannot look beyond our, ex-hire, TGA Vita 4. This hi-tech scooter bridges the gap between practicality and aesthetic beautifully to provide a solid, comfortable ride whilst you embrace your independence and look good doing it.

The aerodynamic styling, which is more common on a motorbike than a mobility scooter give the Vita 4 a stand out look, unlike any other scooter on the market, the look is completed with a set of alloy wheels. On the tiller, delta handlebars sit to the side of a fully-illuminated LCD display, providing the driver with all information they may need for their journey. Additionally, the fingertip controls allow for ease of use and full control.

The Vita 4 is powered by twin batteries which give it an impressive 20 mile range, while the impressive 700 watt 4 pole motor, push it along with ease. It offers great stability through its large 13 inch (33cm) wheels, providing a smooth, gentle ride over any surface, even bumpy pavements. This stability allows the Vita 4 to have a weight capacity of up to 25 Stone (160kg), this paired with the fully adjustable contoured seat shows the importance of comfort with this machine.

Its outdoor performance is emphasised through the front double-wishbone suspension and rear mono-shock absorber, using automobile industry inspired technology. This is paired with super-bright LED lights to keep you safe whenever you drive.

We only have one ex-hire, silver, Vita 4 in stock. It is still in excellent condition, with only minor cosmetic damage. It also comes fully serviced & steam cleaned, with three months warranty and three months free insurance, so get in early and don’t miss out!
*Prices stated Ex VAT

For more information, or to place an order, please call us on 0800 0258 005, or contact us through our Facebook page, or via Twitter @Wheelfreedom.
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Motability Assist Launch New Breakdown App for scooter and powerchair Customers

Motability Assist, the specialist breakdown service, which ensures customers on the Motability scheme who have broken down when out and about get home safely and securely, have released a new mobile app to help both customers and Motability Assist themselves get the best possible results.

For those who don’t know, or those who have been lucky enough to not have to need them, Motability Assist is a specially designed breakdown recovery service who work 24/7 to recover customers whose mobility scooters or powered wheelchairs have broken down, ran out of battery and everything in between. The primary goal of Motability Assist is to ensure that each customer, and their vehicle get back home in the most efficient way possible. This could be by them coming to collect the individual, or by sending an appropriate form of transport, the most appropriate option being decided for each unique situation.

The new app, which was launched earlier this month, should make that whole process a lot easier. It uses the GPS within the phone to accurately locate the user’s whereabouts, meaning that even if you have broken down in an area you are unfamiliar with, or aren’t entirely sure where you are Motability Assist can track you down and get you home.

The app is very easy to install, just go to the App Store, or Play Store on your mobile phone and search for ‘Motability Recovery’ then follow the on-screen instructions, the first things you will need ready is your mobile phone number and your CRN (Customer Reference Number). Once the app is downloaded and the set up is complete, then, in the event of a breakdown, all you need to do is open the app and click on ‘rescue me’ and the app will generate a text message with your exact coordinates, you then press send. The text will cost the same price as a standard text message.

For more information call us on 0800 0258 005, or contact us via our Facebook page, or on twitter @Wheelfreedom.
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Rollator popularity increases

At the beginning of the Summer we, after many months of research, started providing rollators for our customers. Since we started doing rollators, we have seen their demand grow at a rapid rate. It is often a popular alternative to mobility products such as wheelchairs as it allows the user that level of independence which can only come from walking on your own two feet.

This is why at Wheelfreedom we took our time in choosing what we considered the best rollator. We spent months testing different options from various manufacturers, eventually settling on the Invacare Dolomite Jazz2 610.

There are many important factors to take into consideration when deciding on a mobility product and we made sure to look for manoeuvrability, size, weight of the product, grip quality and ease of use, all of these are important factors to look into when getting the perfect rollator for you. Another important thing to consider is the aesthetic, which is why we went for the modern and stylish Dolomite.

Since the beginning of June we have tripled our stock of rollators due to the demand and had many enquiries for both hire and purchase. Rollators are available for short term hire, long term hire and purchase. With hire prices starting from as low as £12.50 a week!

For more information about rollators, or to place an order call on 0800 0258 005, or contact us on Facebook, or via Twitter @Wheelfreedom
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Top tips for traveling on a plane in a wheelchair

Summer has been well and truly here in the UK for some time, with us enjoying some of the hottest weather in some years, however it is still the prime time to take your summer holiday. This has not always been easy for those who are disabled and especially for those who need to take a wheelchair or powerchair away with them.

In April the government endeavoured to make this easier for the disabled community by outlining some measures which could be put in place to ensure that those who require assistance have a much easier time when traveling via plane.

These changes may be a while off yet, so we have decided to share some of the tips we have found in order to limit any risk of stress or disappointment when going away:

Contact your airline: It is always important to let your airline know that you will need assistance well in advance of your journey, this allows the airline to put in place the necessary arrangements. It has also been advised to contact the airline again 24 hours prior to take off to ensure that everything is ready for your arrival.

Remove any parts which can be removed: A problem which has been frequently reported by customers of our is that the airline has lost, or damaged, certain parts of their chairs. To make this less likely to happen it is advised to remove parts of your chair which can be easily removed, such as cushions, footplates and even headrests where applicable, and store them in your hand luggage.

Pack a tool kit: Continuing from the above tip, many people opt to take a small tool kit with them when traveling, this ensures that any minor damage and loose screws can be fixed on the spot without worry of having to either find a retailer who can help or worse, prevent you from being able to use the chair. If you have any concerns about how to make minor adjustments, feel free to contact us and we can always talk you through anything.

Insurance: This may sound obvious, but make sure you get insurance which will fully cover any damages that could potentially occur. It may also be worth seeing where the local mobility shop is to where you are staying whilst researching your holiday.

Keep asking questions: Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask anything. Nothing is a ‘stupid’ question when it comes to your mobility. It is good to make sure you know every detail you need to know and to understand the details of where you and your wheelchair need to go. You can never have too much information. This is important in order to ensure that these processes are suitable for your specific needs.

What other tips do you have for traveling in a wheelchair?

For more information, or to place an order please call us on 0800 0258 005, or contact us on Facebook, or via Twitter @Wheelfreedom.
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Pride Mobility already manufacture one of the most comprehensive ranges of mobility scooters around, and that range has just grown further with the addition of the Revo 2.0. This new arrival fills a gap in their range, being a creative hybrid between the performance and comfort of medium sized scooters and the transportability of small “car boot” scooters”.

While these types of scooters are relatively niche, they are a useful option for people who want more comfort than little boot scooters traditionally provide, but want the ability to either hoist or occasionally dismantle their scooter for transport in a car.

The Revo 2.0 more than matches the comfort of our most popular pavement scooter, the Invacare Leo, having the same 9” pneumatic tyres, but also boasting Comfort-Trac suspension to smooth your ride. This is significantly better what you will find even on high end boot scooters, which at most have fairly basic suspension and will always have solid tyres. If you’ve found little scooters too “rattly” over bumpy pavements or have back pains, the Revo is the obvious choice.

While the Revo dismantles as easily as any boot scooter, it must be noted that the heaviest piece is 26 kg, which is beyond what one person should be safely lifting. It is therefore best partnered with a hoist, should you want to regularly transport it in a car – or is the ideal scooter if only occasionally wishing to transport it, such as for holidays, when you will have other people to help with the lifting.

We think the Revo 2.0 is a smartly-designed scooter, and the extra touches – like underseat storage, USB charging port, and attractive alloy-style wheels, really make a difference. It provides a neat alternative to Sterling’s Sapphire 2, which is a much older design, and to TGA’s similar Zest Plus.

The Revo 2.0 is available now both for purchase and long-term hire, and we are expecting it to be on the Motability scheme from July onwards. For further information or to arrange a consultation, please call us on 0800 025 8005 to speak to a product specialist.
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Q100 – Product review

The long-awaited +Sunrise Medical Quickie Salsa Q100 R was released this summer, and is now available for long-term hire or purchase from Wheelfreedom. This ultra-compact, rear wheel drive powerchair offers excellent performance, stylish aesthetic and a long range. In fact, the Q100 R is big on everything except the price.
Coming in with a width of just 21 inches (54cm), it is one of the narrowest powerchairs on the market, allowing the user to navigate tighter spaces, designed to be more manoeuvrable around small homes and shops. It is not only indoors where the Q100 R shows its strengths. Outside it has the power and ability comparable to that of a larger powered wheelchair. Although rear-wheeled drive powerchairs generally do not have the manoeuvrability of mid -wheeled drive, this Quickie Salsa is a definite exception.
Fitted with Smart Base technology as standard, it has been specifically engineered with an emphasis on traction and stability. It is fitted with 55 Ah batteries, giving it a solid range of 19 miles. There are also optional extras, such as the low impact kerb climber, which will aid outdoor performance even more.
The Q100 R does not feature the advanced configuration options of more advanced powerchairs, however does have a surprising array of adjustable parts, as well as more options and features than your entry-level powered wheelchairs. These include seat width and depth, backrest and seat angles, armrest height and side guard position. There is also the option to adjust the 5-strap adjustable backrest for added comfort and postural support, with the upgrade of a JAY Shape backrest also possible.
For more information on The Sunrise Medical Quickie Salsa Q100 R or to arrange a demonstration, please call us on 0800 0258 005 or contact us on Facebook, or via Twitter @Wheelfreedom.
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New Jazzy Zero Turn for Baroness Thomas

Wheelfreedom and Pride mobility joined forces to handover a new Jazzy Zero Turn mobility scooter to Baroness Thomas of Winchester. Having been a customer of ours for a number of years, it is always an honour to assist Baroness Thomas with all her mobility needs. The handover itself was done by one of our experienced mobility specialists Aaron Cushen, who ensured that Celia was confident using the scooter and that it was fully fitted and adjusted for her comfort and safety.

The Jazzy Zero Turn has been rapidly gaining popularity recently as one of the more unique mobility scooters on the market. It’s one-of-a-kind twin motor technology provides this scooter with a narrow turning circle of just 28 inches, this was one of the key factors for Celia choosing the Zero Turn as it is ideal for navigating the corridors and narrow walkways of the House of Lords and is a step up from her previous Apex Rapid in terms of manoeuvrability.

This particular boot scooter also boasts Comfort-Trac front and rear suspension for a smooth, comfortable ride, two under seat storage compartments large enough to hold your essentials and a USB charging port. All of that, combined with its 4mph top speed and large 21Ah batteries make the Zero Turn the perfect choice.

Pride mobility used this opportunity and took advantage of the nice weather to take photos and shoot a small video, which we look forward to seeing in the near future.

For more information on the Jazzy Zero Turn, or to place an order please call us on 0800 0258 005 or contact us through our Facebook page, or via Twitter @Wheelfreedom
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Having carried out a consultation for the Quantum 4Front at the start of this week, we’ve decided to profile this distinctive powerchair that has attracted much interest since being launched earlier this year.

Front-wheel drive is increasingly uncommon on powerchairs, usually being limited to bariatric models, and can often take longer to pick up than rear or mid-wheel drive as it is not as intuitive. However, once you are used to it, front-wheel drive offers outstanding manoeuvrability, aiding in its practicality when used indoors, and it is obviously the ideal choice for those already familiar with front-wheel drive.

It was therefore pleasing to see Quantum release the 4Front this year – a truly market leading front-wheel drive powerchair that combines the full range of customisation options you would expect on a high-end powerchair, modern technology, and striking style – as you can see on our demo chair.

The 4Front compares favourably to the competition, being more compact, better looking and having a wider range of powered seating options than the Quickie Jive F. The Puma 40 is a cheaper alternative in a tried-and-tested design, but again lacks the full range of seating options the 4Front boasts – like the ability to drive at walking pace when elevated to eye-level, or lying flat with 175° of recline.

For more information on the Pride Quantum 4Front Powerchair, or to arrange your own consultation, please call us on 0800 0258 005 or contact us on our Facebook page, or via Twitter @Wheelfreedom
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Fleet Clearance: Pride Colt Plus - £300

Pride Mobility’s Colt Plus is an affordable pavement scooter, designed for daily use, and we have two ex-hire models available to purchase at an incredibly low price. Being slightly smaller than most others in the Colt range, but bigger than boot scooters, it aids in transporting the driver comfortably around streets and pavements, with a sturdy and reliable feel to it.

The 10-inch wheels makes it able to handle more regular daily use, and with a range of up to 15.5 miles, it is excellent for day trips. It maintains all the regular features, typical of the Colt range, including an ergonomic wraparound delta tiller, which allows those with limited dexterity to control the scooter. It comes with LED lights, including a headlight, brake lights and indicators, ensuring the user is fully visible, even when the sun starts to go down.

The Colt Plus is the ideal choice for those after a sturdy mobility scooter to use on pavements, who don’t want to pay for features only required on faster road scooters. We have two available in red.

For more information on the Colt Plus, or any of our other ex hire and demo scooters/ powerchairs, or to place an order, please call us on 0800 0258 005, or contact us via our Facebook page, or on Twitter @Wheelfreedom
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Wheelfreedom welcomed Sunrise Medical’s Quickie wheelchair specialists to our London service centre on Tuesday this week. As a Quickie Professional dealer, we have over ten years’ expertise in Sunrise Medical’s range of high-end wheelchairs, and this was an opportunity to get hands-on with the pioneering new carbon-fibre Krypton and see how it fits into the Quickie active user wheelchair range.

Quickie lightweight wheelchairs offer a comprehensive range of products, both rigid and folding, from the entry-level Life series, through the Argon2, Neon2, Helium and Xenon2. Suiting every budget and needs, the Quickie range has been renowned for offering outstanding quality, style and advanced technology since launching the first lightweight, adjustable wheelchair in the 1980s.

The Krypton is the ultimate Quickie wheelchair, featuring innovative X-braid carbon fibre, woven to be five times stronger than steel, and stiffer and lighter than any other material available. Available in either a rigid or folding frame, the Krypton R boasts a weight starting at just 3.65kg. Fully customisable to your needs, the Krypton has to be seen to be believed.

Our lengthy partnership with Sunrise Medical makes us ideally placed to advise you on their range of lightweight manual wheelchairs - give us a ring now on 0800 025 8005 for further information.
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