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Awesome R2-D2 piece available from +Mike Searle. Check it out!
Current High Bid: - as of 6/23/12: 2:49pm $475.00 by +Yonatan Zunger.

Update: Tee-Shirts and Prints available! Get yours at

Droid For Sale

Times have gotten tight for all of us. For my family, it's reached a point where we are looking at the very real possibility of not being able to pay our mortgage this month. To try to raise the necessary funds I am selling this piece of art.

I put around fifty hours into creating this piece. It is 16 inches by 20 inches (for non-US residents that is 406.4 mm X 508 mm, or just a little smaller than size A2), printed on archival quality paper stock, and professionally mounted in a 20 inch by 24 inch frame which is ready to be hung. It is signed by me, and individually numbered as number 1 of 1, as it is the only one in existence. 

I'm auctioning it at a starting price of $350.00 US dollars. I will ship it anywhere in the US, or anywhere in the world serviced by the United States Postal Service or FedEx, with shipping costs to be paid by the buyer. Payment will need to be made by PayPal only. If you are interested please comment on this post, or email me at for additional info or to make a private bid.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would share this post to spread the word, even if you are not in a position to purchase this art. Original post here:

Edit, I should also say that I will end the auction with the high bid as of 12:00:01am US Central Time on Tuesday, June 26, 2012. The high bid as of that time gets it!
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Congrats on the interview, +Cliff Roth!
Look who is all famous on Huffington Post ....+Cliff Roth
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A pair of +Plustastic bros. having some fun. :D
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+Brett Bjornsen, that looks ‘effin plustastic!!!
Fett on Pegasus

I bought an awesome print of a +Tim Clary original piece of art, and it just arrived today. I scrambled to find a frame and get it hung as soon as I could.

P.S. Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of yourself while wearing a helmet and balancing on a ladder? o_0
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We at +Plustastic are so happy to know all you lucky G+ers.
HELLO G'eeps... if YOUR ticket wins... I will split the $640 million dollars with you if you SHARE this post.
Good luck everyone!


No fine print. Error (corrected).
If your ticket... any of the 5 "picks" on your ticket...
If your ticket wins the jackpot... the monster half a billion dollar jackpot... You will split $320 million of it with me.
OK... one fine print... anyone who shares the post PRIOR to the numbers being drawn (8pm Pacific?).
Oh.. and... share in the assumed sense... share meaning using your G+ account and having that show up on my shares list for this post. And all the other little "loopholes" as well. This is a common sense, giving-mood act of kindness to my G'eeps!

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+Tim Clary is doing another special on his Jon Stewart SANITY stickers and throwing in some awesome original art!
Envelope art - limited offer!

Here’s a couple back of the envelope sketches I did for +Daniel Enloe and +Paul Roustan. If you want one of your own I will do a quick drawing on the envelope of the next ten eight orders of a 5 or 10-pack of my Jon Stewart SANITY stickers. Check them out here:

When ordering include a 5 word or less description of what you might want on the back of your envelope. Thanks in advance!
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We at +Plustastic support new emerging artists like +Joelyn Wright.
What's the point on posting here... no interaction... oh well :(
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Any artists out there want to help out +Manda Lira in this thoughtful gesture for her mom?
I have a little question for those artists who are following me: My mom has been diagnosed with cancer, and her birthday is in a few months. I was wondering if anyone could help me make an art book, especially made for her; one of a kind (: I want her to know that more than family supports her, and I want to bring a smile to her face, and make her stronger than she already is!
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+Tim Clary has a deal going on his SANITY stickers. Check it out and get some awesome envelope art in the bargain!
2 Day Special!!!

All orders for 5 or 10packs of my Jon Stewart SANITY stickers placed between now and Friday, Feb. 24th (MIDNIGHT EST) will come with a custom doodle of whatever you want on the envelope!

Just include a 5 word or less description of your idea and I will do my best to accomidate. Why just today I sent out one with a doodle of +Handsome Bastard™, +Johnny Roquemore getting clawed by a two-faced mutant cat! Sure to be the prize possession of every art-lover’s home!

The stickers themselves are extremely high-quality screenprinted by the geniuses at +Sticker Robot. (The same folks who printed the original Obama HOPE stickers that this design is riffing on.) These babies are bulletproof...the kind you see stuck to a ski lift tower 5 years later. So, what do you say +The Internet? Don’t we all need a little SANITY right now?
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+Cliff Roth is bringin’ the art next week!
Speedpaint Hangout Week

4 Days
4 Hangouts
4 Hours Each

Feb. 21 - Feb 24

On each day I will be doing 8 half-hour speedpaints.

Have you been wanting to get speedpainted but haven't been able to get into one of my hangouts yet, or if you did, didn't get speedpainted? Here is your chance. Leave a comment here letting me know which day and which time-slot you want.

Time-slots are $25 each and are on first booked first get basis. As they fill up I will post a document listing the slots still available.

If you decide to share this post (highly encouraged) kindly turn off comments and direct people to leave comments on this post, thanks!

PS I will PM you my Paypal info when you book.

Looking forward to it!
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