The first thing to strike me about this book is the beauty of the layout and photos. But +Jim Goldstein 's creative eye not only shows through in how the book looks (especially beautiful on an ipad), but also in the inspirational writing; he is sure of his technique and the creative process he uses.

I have played with night time and slow shutter photography, including star shots, for years. This is the first book which lays out the technique to capture a number of different slow shutter speed shots. Jim does not assume that this book is for the beginner only, or for the advanced photographer. In no nonsense language he starts with the basics of exposure so you will understand what you are doing, not just follow instructions - his explanations are short and sweet; he then moves on to the hands on stuff.

Each technique he presents begins with a list of equipment you will need, and follows through with a step by step explanation of how to proceed, including some suggested exposures to start with.

Despite 20 years of experience, I learned something new within the first few minutes of reading the book - Dark Field Subtraction. I always wondered why sometimes my star shots took forever to write to the card, and other times it was nearly instantaneous.

This is from his website:

"...No matter your skill level Photographing the 4th Dimension - Time will help you improve your photography and heighten the impact of your photographs by introducing you to numerous slow shutter and video techniques.

* Create amazing photos using Light Painting & Star Trails techniques
* Discover how to easily make Time-lapse Videos
* Transform your photography with motion as Cinemagraphs
* Avoid time-wasting mistakes and learn insider tips
* Keep it all with you in the included Field Checklist

If you are interested in experimenting with the slow end of your camera's shutter speeds, or creating video from still images using your DSLR, then you owe it to yourself to check out this e-book. Go to:

<a href="" target="ejejcsingle">Click here to view more details</a>

to order yours. And let me know what you think of it.
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