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Brian Johnson
Halfway to being an Eccentric Millionaire.
Halfway to being an Eccentric Millionaire.

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Google is killing the gmail notifer taskbar app.  This displeases me, a lot.

In the past week, I have seen a surge of random strangers adding me to the circle, and it turns out most of them are fronts for companies.

It is very important for you to go to your Gmail settings, find the "Email via Google+" setting, and decide, NOW, who is allowed to email you via Google+.  The default setting is "Everyone".  this means total strangers can find you, circle you, and email you.

If that is fine with you, then leave it alone.  But you should still take some time to think about it.

Thank you.

Got an invite to tour SpaceX Mission Control.

So, uh, that just happened.

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I need some honest feedback on this short story.   Be gentle, but truthful.

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You should probably make sure you've opted-out, here:

Have a G+ update. 

I am the new Programs & Marketing Coordinator at the Artisan's Asylum, a 40,000 square foot makerspace in Somerville, Ma.  This is an incredible job which, combined with my work for Artemis, puts me in 'dream job' territory.  No, I'm not being handed suitcases full of cash, and that is O.K.

Still single.

I'm also (still) the person in charge of the meal plan for Tales of Valor, a spiffy LARP that runs out in Western Massachusetts.  I, with the help of The Breakfast Don Quixote (note: a woman named Katherine) have wrangled the meal plan into offering a balanced set of healthy(er) meals, adding more veggies and more protein for the players.

I still get to actually LARP, too.

Working on my model railroad still, going to lay down the cork roadbed, which will enable me to start laying track.

Working on starting a tabletop wargaming group that delivers what I want from the hobby.  Narrative, juicy, scenery-chewing battles.

My slowly dying.  I'm going to need to deal with this within a year.

And, lastly, the new friends and acquaintances I have been making as part of the new job means that I'm now bumping into people as I walk around Somerville.  Something that has not happened since I lived in Amherst, ages ago.

It is a nice feeling.

And there you go!

I need some properly trained servants for a LARP dinner.  Hrm.

I have been offered the position of Marketing and Events Coordinator for the Artisan's Asylum.

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A bit of a drive, +Matthew Brenner, but the hours are flexible and you can work most of it from home.

Happy birthday, +Wil Wheaton!  Watching ALL the tabletop, today, while preparing for Gencon.
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