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Educational and entertaining...
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A fun way to get the word out about Orion's first flight...
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If only governments would listen...
While applied science is valuable and necessary to keep up in a competitive global economy, we need basic science as well to open new possibilities for true innovation, Bob McDonald writes.
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Ernie Prokopchuk

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While the title is terribly misleading (frozen pipes are no fun) this could make the best thermal base layer ever!
Super-insulated clothing could eliminate need for indoor heating
(—By wearing clothes that have been dip-coated in a silver nanowire (AgNW) solution that is highly radiation-insulating, a person may stay so warm in the winter that they can greatly reduce or even eliminate their need for heating their home. Considering that 47% of global energy is spent ...
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Would it be feasible to heat the house to +45F and use this type of clothing, in order to avoid the frozen pipes?
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Without basic research, innovation cannot continue. 
Any major innovation in Science & Technology can trace its roots back to basic research - it may be just a few years or it could be decades past but that foundation is there.
The federal government’s new strategy encourages precisely the opposite of the collective good
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Ernie Prokopchuk

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Considering that there are all kinds of naturally occurring chemicals that are highly toxic, and many examples around the world of ground water that is naturally contaminated and unfit to drink, I have to question the idea that there is no need to be concerned.
At least they are testing to find out for sure.
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Just because Cadmium and Zinc occur naturally doesn't mean it isn't toxic to humans. The story might be different if you were a battery.

Maybe Mr Graham would like to take a big whiff of some naturally occurring asbestos...
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