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Life? What's that?
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Transcript of Andrew Marr's interview with Amber Rudd this morning.

I'll just note here that if we prevent terrorist use of end-to-end encryption, we prevent use of it by everybody else too. It's unavoidable.

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Amber Rudd is an idiot.

On adding back doors to encrypted communications: “We have to have a situation where we can have our security services get into the terrorists’ communications. That’s absolutely the case. […]”

If the security services can get access, so can others if they crack it (okay, unlikely), the secret key is leaked (entirely possible, and at which point we have a Problem), or the messages are being stored unencrypted somewhere and that location becomes compromised.

Or it could be metadata, in which case we're talking about the nebulous ICRs.

“What I’m saying is the best people who […] understand the necessary hashtags to stop this stuff even being put up, not just taking it down, are going to be them.” (emphasis mine) – er, what? Could somebody explain how, exactly, a hashtag, of all things, is supposed to be the arcane incantation which magically fixes this?

You're not going to stop this stuff from being uploaded. If it's identified as problematic quickly enough, it could be stopped from being made available. Otherwise, it's whack-a-mole and the sooner that the Govt. understands this, the better.

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There have been quite a few of these recently, according to the article, and I couldn't help noticing “LostPass” almost at the end…

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Good article. Regulation is required to (in effect) codify what we've learned in order to say what's not permissible; profit, in various cases, does not work as the primary motive – which essentially means that the “free market” varies from somewhat broken to utterly broken, depending on what you look at.

We can not ignore the fact that whatever we do, there are effects on others and on the environment.

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The environment's too important to leave to those who would remove (or are removing) protections. But, according to this article, it appears that we need a different, more local, way of approaching these problems. I'm not sure how much of this different approach we already have; hopefully, enough.

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As the article says:

Never allow a cold caller to install anything on your computer – hang up.

Never respond to web pop-ups suggesting you call a support line.

Be aware that fraudsters are now using stolen data to make their calls sound more convincing – no cold caller is trustworthy, period.

When encountering scams, complain through official channels such as Action Fraud [] in the UK or the FBI.

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Hmm, yes, well… saw this mentioned elsewhere along with a “who indeed” comment.

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If something you've done may be a crime at the whim of somebody else, there's something seriously wrong.

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Never mind the article (it's about more lies and exaggerations from the orange one, so nothing new there). There's a collection of cartoons hiding in it…

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Nice shiny future. Just don't scratch the surface.
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