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Marshall Dillon
I write and letter comics and live in Flint, Michigan.
I write and letter comics and live in Flint, Michigan.


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Hey there G+ friends! 
I've very VERY rarely used this social outlet, but wanted to get it rolling.

You can read my free comic "The Cursed Blade" here:


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Hi everyone, I'm new to G+, Inkscape and this community!

I'm trying to build a font in Inkscape with the SVG font editor. I'm able to easily make glyphs for A-Z, a-z, and 0-9, but not for the other characters (punctuation, etc). I only see 2-3 tutorials on youtube for Inkscape's SVG Font Editor, and none of them tell me how to add other characters.

Any thoughts?


Hey all, I'm new here...

Has anyone out there installed FontForge on a Mac? I've had a ton of small issues and now that it's installed it won't launch.

When it attempts to launch it gives me an error that says "Fontforge quit unexpectedly"... the only details that look important are "Application Specific Information:*** error for object 0x7fdb31899790: pointer being freed was not allocated"

Any thoughts?

Out beyond the ideas of "wrong doing" and "right doing" is a field. I'll meet you there.

-Sufi Poet Rumi

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I'm about to be published as a writer in the UK!

Last Friday volume 3 of Aces Weekly was released.

I wrote and lettered a story in this volume with art by Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque (brilliant!) and colors by Matt Cossin & Mikey Cossin (powerhouses!). I'm not sure which week my story will be available, but you should check it out!

If you like me, comics, Brits, or Stone Age horror (that's the story I wrote) please go check it out! It's a $10.00 subscription per volume but you get a total of 126 pages of story from a wide range of creators, in a wide range of genre.

This site / magazine was launched by David Lloyd, the artist /co-creator of V for Vendetta with Alan Moore (you might have heard of it... or the movie based on it). He's wrangled some top-notch talent including these guys: Phil Hester, John McCrea, Kyle Baker, David Hitchcock, and many more... <>


Hey all,
I'm a G+ noob. Used to play Turtles, Robotech, and Rifts back in the day. Anyone running those games here that would be willing to let me sit in on their sessions so I can get un understanding of how RPGs work on G+?


Hey guys,
Total G+ noob here... Are there Tutorials?

I'd like to get a general idea of how RPGs function on G+ then joining a game. Anyone running any Palladium games?  Turtles, Robotech, Rifts, etc.?

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