I have a suggestion that sounds simple but could open up new possibilities. I would like to have list items that can be in multiple places at once. Not just a link from one to another, but actually being listed as a child of multiple headings at the same time.

I'm sure there are numerous applications for this functionality, but I would use it so that I could use Checkvist as a CRM. So, for example, I could put a list item or note as a child of a business, and then have the same note as a child of a contact for that business, and maybe even have it in a 3rd place, such as under another heading to log activities associated with it.

So, let's say I purchase a new car. I would want the car dealership as the main section with corresponding notes or list items as children. I would want the same notes also under another main section for the salesman, and then also under another main section for my bank (which would already be a main section because I already have a log with them), and maybe the insurance company, too. Something like that.

In Asana, there is a functionality that can be used similar to that, where you can put a task into multiple projects. It's not a copy of the task, nor is it a link to the original. The actual task is listed in both places. Changing it in one place changes it in the other because it is the same object that shows up in either context.
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